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    New Creative Business Website

    businessmn27 Newbie
      I recently launched and seen some early success but would like to receive some feedback on what could be done to improve the site to improve the conversion rate.

      Thank you
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          27, Welcome to this website and good luck. I will check out your request and get back to you.
          Can you explain " what could be done to improve the site to improve the conversion rate"??
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Welcome to the community and congratulations on your launch. I like the site and the theme you've selected. Conversions will be low for a new site business anyway, but these factors may also be holding the rate down:

            1. A lot of visitors to this type of website/service are just "window shopping." They may not even have a business, and may barely be in the planning stages -- they're just surfing for ideas and info, or wondering how much it would cost if . . . You'll get a lot of "hits" that aren't real "leads" or buyers.

            2. Your portfolio is fairly limited (which says you don't have much experience), but the main obstacle with that is it doesn't tell me whether your "creative minds" are attuned to coming up with things I'd like (and I'd need to know that if I'm paying up front for "idea generation"). You may want to take on some "pro-bono," barter, or "straw project" creations to expand what you have to show.

            3. It isn't clear whether you conduct a search of state and federal registration records (business names, service marks, trademarks, etc.) to verify that the names, slogans, and designs you provide can be legally used in trade, registered, protected, etc. My guess is you don't, so that could be a hang-up. If you do, you definitely need to state that, as it would be an important selling point.

            4. This is a business-to-business service, and as such you absolutely MUST include contact information (name, address, phone number, e-mail), ideally at the bottom of every page on your site -- but at least on the "about us" or "contact" page. Any legitimate business that sells a legitimate product or service to other businesses WANTS to be found. Not making it super-easy for potential clients to reach you says you're either not that serious (this is more of a hobby than a real business) or you're not that honest (and I don't mean that as an insult -- it's just what many small business owners, who see scam attempts on an hourly basis, will assume).

            Again, I think you have a good theme and fine starting point, so I hope this feedback helps you move forward. Best wishes.
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              TGA000 Wayfarer
              Get the prices off your landing page. Oh yea... great layout! Love the site.

              But get the prices out of there. What you're doing is making your perspective buyer price shop you before you can even build value.

              Also, if you really want to make some noise with this thing... show off what you do.

              Make something viral.

              Remember Monk-e-Mail from Career Builder? That was great. And those freaking dancing elves this last Christmas?

              That's what'll pull in the numbers, show off. But make it funny.
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                I understand where TGA000 is coming from and I'd usually agree. If price is the competitive strategy you're building on ("Fresh ideas at DAY OLD PRICES") however, then I don't see how putting your price up front is any different than when any other low-price provider does it (a web hosting firm, for example).

                I'd also agree that you need to "show off," although I'd suggest showing off with examples in your portfolio, not on your landing page. The reason is that most of your potential customers will be -- well let's say "creatively challenged." My fear would be that if you hit them right off with flying monkeys or dancing elves or a lot of other "noise," they will decide that cute or silly is your niche -- and disqualify you from a lot of serious and very lucrative work. Just offering a different perspective . . .
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                  Momentum Wayfarer
                  The website looks great and I understand the theme based on bread/bakery, but I think it has too much brown color out over there. I would like to add a bit of addtional color to this. Also the flash in the header needs minor tweaking by your web developer as it shows a box over it on mouse rollover and ask the user "Press SPACEBAR or ENTER to activate and use this control"

                  Technically Meta "description" tag is not properly closed and end tag is missing in the coding.(it means Search engines won't be able to read the content properly.) It is also missing for another meta tag "y_key", is this tag required??
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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    27, Under Members, maybe you want to add a few words about you and your business.
                    It is FREE. LUCKIEST
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                      TGA000 Wayfarer
                      Regarding the prices, the reason I say to take them off the landing page is because of normal consumer mentality.

                      You're pretty much issuing a challenge to most people to find a place cheaper.

                      Empire Carpet, are you familiar? They're huge in the Chicago land area and always pitch the great value at warehouse direct prices.

                      When I was remodeling my house I figured I'd have them through to toss out an estimate. Now, due to their insane advertising I was expecting a quote that would make sense. What I got was over 2x as much as every other shop out there.

                      Now I'm not saying to emulate these idjits. I'm saying to push the low price point but still sell value. Walmart. They are not the lowest prices around but everyone thinks so.

                      That's the key to this whole thing. If you can hit somewhere in the middle, where your price brings so much value to the customer they don't even think of looking elsewhere... that's when you start to dominate.

                      So get your prices off your landing page! Talk about them but give people so much in return that they can't help but love you regardless!