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    how do i get people to invest in my company

    kekoa1 Newbie
      my partners and i have started a baseball teaching facility in surprise arizona and need funding to get this project off the ground we need to raise about $600,000 so we can break ground jan 3rd 2011 any ideas we are trying to sell shares but its going very slow any advice would be greatly appreacited.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          How do I get people to invest in my company

          Keith, start with a business plan

          Good luck
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            Marcellius03x Wayfarer

            Hello kekoa1

            So you want to start up a baseball training facility? This is a very good venture being that there are many parents, schools, and organizations that seek top of the line training facilities for their teams. I actually have a friend of mine that I have given advice to for the same thing.

            The BEST advice I give people when attempting to start any business that provides a service is to try your hardest to GET CONTRACTS ON THE TABLE. This is especially necessary when looking for funding. If you can't get fully committed contracts on the table at least get a letter from the group(s) that clearly says that they fully have the intentions of using your service, for the price quoted at the time of negotiations, and for the certain amount of time defined during negotiations, on the date you promised. That letter should also have a deadline for you to reconnect with them to fully let them know that it is happening FOR SURE, and ON THE DATE PROMISED/OR NOT. That letter should also give them a deadline as to when they are able to back out of their LOI (letter of intention). It is bad manners to wait last minute to cancel on someone, even in especially in business lol.


            During that reconnect period if things are in place and you have an opening date, there should be a full contract on hand, and ready to be agreed upon by both parties.


            By using LOI's you show possible investors that you are serious, and they can loan money off of those LOI's. You also throw a little of your own money in the mix, even if not much, so it makes ppl feel better about lending it to you. It also shows that you you've thrown A LOT OF TIME into it as well, and that shows dedication. Trust me everyone knows how hard it is to get a contract. It's even harder to get a contact for something not available yet, and it's like selling civilian tickets to space, but last time I checked ppl have made nearly 1 billion dollars from doing just that, so shoot for the stars!


            Thank you and good's not as hard as it sounds