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    Special education!

    adorcely Newbie
      My goal is to open a special education Pre-K for children with learning disabilities/ autism/Language disabilities and so on. I have the greatest vision of providing these services to the population either for free or at subsidy price. The key to special education is if caught early, the child stand a chance to function well later on. My son was diagnosed with a learning and language disability when he was two, and because I was a school teacher and aware of what therapy I should use, today he can function 90% like a child of his age. However, if I had waited on that waiting list for a year or two without doing anything, God knows where we would be today. My question is how can I get a facility donated to me to open that school. I can write grants for supplies and other things I suppose. My main issue here is the location. If I go under non-profit how would pay scale go???????
      Anybody have any ideas???????
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Special education, thanks for sharing. Where are you located?? How soon??
          Glad to know that you were a school teacher. It has to help with licenses etc.
          Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan??
          Tell use more, the more we know the better our answers.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              adorcely Newbie
              I am still a school teacher and I am located in Atlanta. My goal is to have the school open this may. I am working with the SBA on my business plan. The need is so great that the research is taking me a long time. I can get the license, it is just a training and since I am already certified that will open other doors for me.
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  Special education, Thanks for your quick answer. Glad to know you are working with the SBA.
                  I wear many hats. I am a SCORE counselor and SCORE and the SBA (as you know) go together.
                  I could help you with your Business Plan (if you need help).
                  I am also on the Board of a Special Needs Organization in N Y.
                  Good luck and stay in touch. LUCKIEST
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                CEO Space Scout
                Welcome to the forum.

                That sounds like a wonderful endeavor.

                In our network, one of our mottos is "learn, earn and return", in other words, to give back.

                We have a large membership in Atlanta, too.

                I would suggest you post what you are looking for in the forum under NEEDS at

                Also, if you could email me your business plan, I can forward it to some Atlanta members myself.


                Good Luck
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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger

                  If you can't get a dedicated facility donated, then another option to consider is finding temporary space to get the service started (and work up to the building).

                  My mom was a diagnostician, and when she retired from the school system, she did what you are planning by networking with community members to find space. I recall that a minister offered use of Sunday school classrooms during the week. A short time later, a daycare operator put her in touch with their landlord (who had a grandchild with special needs) and they bartered a deal where she used a defunct dance studio nearby at no cost.

                  Key people in the community got behind the idea, and they pushed for state and federal grants to open a facility that not only focused on early identification and learning, but on family training and support, plus other issues like inclusion and access. Although it took a few years, funding was eventually provided to renovate a neighborhood elementary school (that had been closed when schools were desegregated), and the child development center was realized.

                  Hopefully you can get your building more quickly -- but if not, this might be another way to start.

                  Best wishes.
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                    NOBLEED Wayfarer
                    I can assist with reviewing your plan....I am school administrator...opened up a small learning community public school-5 years ago....population is 28% special education..still going (still leading). I am also a certified special educator and I have a Masters in Special Education. I have done several trainings for the school district and the state on the process as well as present at the College Board Forum. I most recently was a panelist on the Special Education Advisory Board. The focus was on the success that our school and 4 other schools were having with their special needs population. If you review my forum I discuss a little about my business launch services. When I saw Atlanta, I took an additional interest...I own property there and wanted to launch my business in the state perhaps we can connect. Frequently, used email is Good luck and as one educator to another...always as you know do it for the children and things like the building will come.