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    Hi everyone - Professional marketing and designer expert

    apollomg Wayfarer
      Hey everyone, My name is Tony I'm the owner of Apollo Marketing Group. Having over 8 years of experience in the internet marketing and design field I would love to provide anyone with questions about marketing their business online.

      I'm looking foward to be apart of this community, sharing and learning!

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          healthnut Wayfarer
          thank you for your offer!

          i am just starting. seems to have all my pieces and now trying to put them together, hopefully the platform can grow with us verses having to add totally new structures along the way.

          pieces, corecommerce shopping cart as it seems to have a ton more features than more others. Mailchimp and it integrates with SMM and wordpress. it is hard not to worry about all the small stuff when i know i need to focus right now on packaging design, and the overall branding but that can really consume a company financially and time frame wise. Do we just go with a cheaper option from elance, and go with the best design, and really go all out and hire a branding company and pay through the nose before we even are out the door?

          many thanks
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              apollomg Wayfarer
              Hi Fiona when it comes to branding you can hire someone from Elance to do it for cheap, this does not ensure quality or complete work depending on the person you hire. I have a few clients that ask me the same question, personally I think it is better to start out right with an experienced company that can provide you with something for long term not just short.... but if thats all you can afford in your budget then Elance is a way you can get work done.

              I hope that helps!
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              mylocalhvac Newbie
              Welcome Tony,

              My partner and I just launched We have hired a third party company to handle our SEO. I was curious if you would be willing to look at our site and give me an evalutaion of our SEO campaign after three months? Is it to early to tell? Are we making any fatal flaws?



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                KathleenF Scout
                H apollomg,

                Welcome to the community!

                I removed one of your posts that included your email address.

                Just for reminder, you can share your contact information through your profile. You can link to your profile in your signature line to which is also perfectly acceptable. We just prefer members do not post their email adresses within threads; this is what your personalized profile is for.

                If you would like, please take a look at our Success Stories area and possibly submit your personal success story! We'd love to hear more about you and your business.

                Again, welcome to the community!
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                  greenfoodpack Newbie
                  Hi Tony,

                  Thank you for your kind post.

                  We are working to set B2B / B2C
                  e-commerce tools in our website, and I wonder if you can give us some advice about how to choose among payment solitions such as PayPal and, etc and among the thosands available shopping carts.

                  We want to find a long term solution which must be integrated with quick books, has CRM tools and will be able to carry comprehensive
                  statistics (data and graphs) per customer store (restaurants,
                  supermarkets, etc).

                  We are looking forward to hearing from you.