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    women's boutique

    egeil12 Newbie
      I am currently writing a business plan for a women's boutique in TX. I am trying to work out projected costs and financials. I know these estimates should be as realistic as possible. What resources can i use to find out how much i should and will be spending on my initial inventory?
      Thank you.
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          tomy_print Wayfarer
          which style, what way, what age...clothes, hair style, decoration?...etc, such wide area, maybe you need to find out an orientation first.
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              egeil12 Newbie
              Sorry, I should have been more specific!
              It's a fashion forward, high end womens clothing boutique. My target market is women 30-39, married with a Household income of $50,000- $100,000. Most of our merchandise will be bought on buying trips to market in Dallas and LA. I don't want a huge store, somewhere around 1,000 sq ft, maybe 1,500. I don't want to over buy for store opening. but i also have no idea what i should be spending, what an average is, what to plan for...
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              shjkila Wayfarer

              Forbes magazine had a quick little article on this that we used years ago.. They estimate that your cash outlay will be for 6 months before you make money and your profit margin is only 5%, hopefully part of the salary is yours so that your actual income is higher. The best tips that I can give you are your location will make or break you. People will drive off the beaten path to find you but you really want to put the effort in to finding a great location with excellant foot traffic. Also buy wisely, use established luxury markets such as and have designers come in to your boutique with trunk show events.  Get your name on local fashion week invitation lists. Maximize resources such as Fashion Night Out and HARO which help drive business and free publicity to you.