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    Starting a trucking buisness from home

    jass_sarn Newbie
      I'm trying to start a trucking company from home and need some tips on steps i need to take to do so. I would like to give my family a better life.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting a trucking business

          Who r u?? Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE
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              jass_sarn Newbie

              I don't understand when u say contact score? My Name is Jassi and I need someone to give me some pointers on how to start my buisness (owner operator).
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                  Barky Dog Tracker
                  Hi Jassi,

                  Never mind Luckiest. He's a broken record when it comes to his posts. He posts the same thing over and over again. It's confusing at times.

                  Starting your own trucking company requires determination and hard work, but it is an obtainable goal for the right person. You'll need to formulate a strong plan regarding the type of freight you'll specialize in, how you'll market your company, how much start-up capital and how many trucks you'll need and how much you should charge. Putting together a formal business plan will answer these questions in a way that puts your business on a path to success, and keeps you on that path for the long haul. SCORE, the resource Luckiest mentioned, can help your for free. You can find them at

                  I would also recommend you check out this resource: They offer a lot of good information that should get you started.

                  By the way- welcome to our community! :-)

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                Marcellius03x Wayfarer


                Hello, Jass_Sarn

                People will make staring a business sound more difficult than it really is. While yes, it is hard to go into business for yourself, if your determined to do what you set out to do in a business it's not a overly hard task.

                While I am knowledgeable of business in multiple industries in general, I'm not completely familiar with the trucking business, but let me try and offer some advice.

                1) Do you already have, or have access to a truck?
                2) Do you already have the required class license to operate that piece of equipment?
                3) Do you have experience in trucking?
                4) Do you have permits to transport certain types of loads, i.e. chemicals, foods, waste, ect.

                If you answered "no" to any of those, look into the time frame it would take for you to get it. Community colleges offer I believe 6 month trucking programs almost everywhere in the US.


                How/Where to get permits to transport certain types of loads is beyond my knowledge, but you could also talk to your instructors a school because they have industry experience. Obviously the more permits you have, the more jobs you'll available to you.


                If you don't have a truck, then you'll have to go to the wolf's din (the bank) or lender. A way to speed up financing if you need it ASAP is to have a contract, or LOI lined up. By having a contract in place, the banks see this as very low risk because they will be lending money on that contract. It is like an advanced payment if you will. See #6


                5) Have you licensed your company in your state?

                "No"? Well just visit your local state tax office and get that done, very simple.

                If you've done all of the above then hey! your WAY ahead of most.

                6) The easiest way to get yourself work, contrary to what most people believe is to call, search, and visit some of your local trucking companies and ask them if they have an owner/operator program. A lot of times heavy shipments come in phases so you'll have times when they need extra ppl to ship loads and they look for owner operators! If you do a great job every time, guess who gets the calls every time they need more help..YOU!, so you become one of the "go-to guys"

                I'll cut it here, but hey don't over think your business, and most importantly don't overspend for your business, just focus on your businesses and what's necessary to get your job done correctly, legally, safely and efficiently.


                Thanks and good luck, see you on the road HONK HONK lol
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                    KathleenF Scout

                    Hi Emiliano,


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                    s_dhillon Wayfarer

                    hi Jassi,,I'm also starting trucking company as well. Can i get in touch with you,where are you located ,,maybe we can help each other ..? feel free to email me or msg