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    Two facebook Fan Page questions -- please help

    PandCCoop Newbie
      Hi there,


      I have two facebook Fan Page questions that I would really
      appreciate some help with:


      The first - I can't seem to verify my account through The only
      option provided at that link is to verify by SMS text message, and when I input
      my blackberry phone number, I get an error message saying that "there has been
      an error" and that they are "working to fix it." I am not really consoled by
      their supposed efforts to fix the problem, and suspect I could be waiting
      indefinitely for that to happen. I am then given the option to report the
      problem by indicating my mobile service provider, but that doesn't resolve the
      problem, which happens again every time I ask for a new code. Should I try
      another cell phone number? Or will adding another number into the equation
      confuse things, or worse, trigger some sort of default protection that will
      prevent my verification? And how many fans are actually required to get a "vanity"
      url? I've seen different numbers (25, 50, and 100) all over the internet, and
      facebook doesn't seem to provide any definitive clarification.


      Ok, second question - How can I put content on the left side
      of the fan page, below the profile picture (like this page has done:
      I've learned FBML Static and I've searched through the available applications,
      and I cannot figure out how to get an information section (and other sections) like
      that on my page. Have I limited myself by selecting "professional organization -
      professional service" instead of "local business" or another facebook fan page category?
      (I am also designing for a law firm.) Similarly, the options under the "information"
      tab are unsatisfactory, as they present no field for "location," "telephone,"
      or "hours." What type of Fan Page should a law firm chose in order to have
      options like The Sheller Law Firm has?