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    Unpaid vacation/sick time

    Mentor2200 Newbie
      I have a small business with 5 Ft and 6 Pt employees. I want to develop a policy of the amount of vacation/sick they can have for the year. What would happen if they went over?
        • Unpaid vacation/sick time
          BBruin Wayfarer

          I would treat it on a case by case basis.  If they exceed (arbitrary #) 3 of these days, then maybe you have a sit down about it.  I think people respect that and react to it much better these days than strict rules.  How would you want to be treated as your employee? 

            • Unpaid vacation/sick time
              Lunar Knight Wayfarer

              I agree with BBruin. If you don't call a time out when they begin taking advantage of things, it could not only hurt your business, but look bad on you for not putting your foot down. Others may follow.


              Just be sure to wear kid gloves. I think a reprimanding after the first and second offense is good, while the third offense should yield a serious punishment, e.g. suspension or termination.