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    Independent amusement ride

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      For the last couple of years my wife and I have been looking into purchasing a particular amusement ride manufactured in England and creating our own small independent business. I have visited a couple of amusement ride conventions in Springfield Illinois and even went as far as visiting with traveling carnival owners. Now to start out, we already have at least 7 potential show events of people who are interested in working with us. We even have a close committed friend who is highly intelligent and ready to gear up and be our accountant/bookings. Now for the big question...what lender would be interested in working with us and also building a strong relationship for future growth? Where do we start? there any prayer for us? We both have very good credit but have very little saved. Thanks!
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          I recommend you:


          1. Try to connect with a community member here by the nickname of "phanio" He is excellent with working with your particular question.


          2. Check out Business Money Today online. It is a very helpful site as well.


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