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    New Pharmacy and DME Business

    bhatti Newbie

      I am trying to start a new venture in Pharmacy and DME business. As far as pharmacy is concerned I am a pharmacist but do not much experience in retail. Does anyone out there has any idea of how independent pharmacies are doing in Houston and what opportunities are there for DME if there are any left.
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          Avionne Wayfarer
          Good luck on your business. I would have to say is check out or, they have some free sample business plans that would be of interest to you. A great and convienent location is needed, so too is the designing of the store and other stocking up of all ammenties, plus your staff must be friendly, smiling and pleasant, as customer service and satisfaction are important to creating a successful business enterprise and a number of other things. You should check out and other great websites. Network with hospitals, clinics, home care centres, doctors, and other healthcare professionals, letting them know about your business, what pharmacutical and DME products your business offers and more. There is a lot you have to do, so I say go talk to a Business Development Consultant.
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            Bridge Navigator
            With competitive bidding, the DME industry have been crushed.

            Medicare reduced unit does meds years ago so now pharmacies don't get much more than a dispensing fee.

            The shipped sailed, it was a grand ship, and it sunk.


            Best of luck,