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    Does anyone know how to advertising on line?

    JasonChen Wayfarer

      Hi everyone,we are a household upholstery furniture manufacture,and running a web store.however it is disappointed not too much traffic on the store,I wonder if anyone know how to promote the web store on line,without too much cost increase?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          advertising on line

          Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE
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            KathleenF Scout
            Hi Jason,

            As Luckiest mentioned, SCORE is a great resource for small businesses. We should probably tell you what SCORE is to better define how they can assist you.

            SCORE's 12,400 volunteer counselors have more than 600 business skills.
            Volunteers are working or retired business owners, executives and
            corporate leaders who share their wisdom and lessons learned in
            business. (Quoted from here:

            You can find additional information about SCORE here:

            The group is a great resource for small business entrepreneurs.

            Hope that helps!
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              gymgal Newbie
              Google Adwords is a great way to get started. You can set your maximum daily budget so that you know exactly how much you're spending.
              But as in anything, MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE to make sure you aren't just tossing dollars and hoping.
              All the best,
              Lisa Alloju
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                BlueMonday Adventurer
                You might want to try I have mentioned them before in this forum because we find their service so simple and effective.
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                  MobyDig Newbie
                  Thinking about, this is the funnel of sales
                  2nd. Awareness
                  3rd. Top of Mind
                  4th Trial
                  5th. Retention (If you arrive here maybe you are a millionare :) )


                  Now step one step with advertisng as a complentary task (for the funnel of sales)
                  1th. Deploy Content - Quality Content!!! with Navegability for User / Add Adwords Google Bing Yahoo + Advertising by Performance or Affinity.
                  2. Some frequency , doing news , newsletter or email marketing, events -
                  3. High Frequency Ads Social Facebook , - Twitter - (Goal : be a hotspot for Top of Mind)
                  4. Use Groupon or any Promo Strategy to sale - consider ecommerce tactics and Special Discount -
                  5. Follo up Clients , Special Discount and Special Communication with them , repeat 2 and 4 for your frequent users.

                  The first is the most important.

                  In parallel, keep in mind your product and What are doing your competitors.


                  If u need more help let me know

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                    donnasduncan Adventurer

                    Hi Jason,


                    Probably the least expensive way to start getting visibility on the web is to get your business listed in the major local search directories for example, Yahoo local, Google maps and Bing.  Typically you can create a new business profile (or claim an existing business profile) for free. 


                    Things you can do to increase your likelihood of ranking high in the local search results:


                    1. If you have not yet leased a domain name, pick one starting with a number or the letter "a" so you will appear near the top of alphabetical listings.
                    2. Make sure you complete the entire profile. Don't leave anything out. Complete profiles rank higher than incomplete profiles. 
                    3. Add high quality photos, logos and videos for variety and appeal.  You want to engage your prospects and grab their attention. 
                    4. List the local directories you are participating in on your website.  Ask for referrals and citations which act like votes of approval for your business and increase your rankings.
                    5. Same with networking.  Connect with other local merchants on sites like 
                    6. Offer a variety of coupons.  People love feeling like they are getting a deal.  Make sure your offer is fair and offer a small thank you in return.  Try different coupons to see which ones appeal to potential clients and which ones don't.
                    7. Offer referral incentives -- refer a friend who purchases our services and we'll upgrade your fabric ... 
                    8. Obtain a seal of approval from your payment processor. 
                    9. Join the better business bureau. 
                    10. Join your local chamber of commerce and actively participate. 
                    11. Sponsor local events where you have an opportunity to advertise your business.


                    Good luck!  Donna

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                      marketingdon Wayfarer




                      i advice you Fist time you add on Craigslist.Craigslist is clasifide add web site in USA.I will sure your sell will improve. please see the the url




                      please see this add



                      thanks of all

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                        390Main Wayfarer

                        Hi Jason,

                        First, if your target market is local, focus on listing your business in Google Places. It's free. Complete all details and keep it updated. When someone searches for "furniture upholstery" in your community, your business name will appear.


                        Second, I would get listed in as many online directories as possible. Use a service like ExpressUpdate, Localeze or United Business Listing to submit your listing to hundreds of directories at once.


                        Third, if your target market is national or global, I'd think about Pay Per Click (PPC), but start with optimizing your site for the search engines (Search Engine Optimization - SEO). For that, think about hiring an expert.


                        Finally, your website has to be optimized to sell. Make a strong offer that gets propsects to contact you.


                        That's the best advice I have without knowing more about your business.




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                          jackysouer Wayfarer

                          1) SEO

                          2) SMO

                          3) PPC

                          4) EBAY

                          5) AMAZON

                          6) 15 SHOPPING ENGINES

                          7) CRAIGSLIST

                          8) AFFILIATES

                          and theres more.

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                            Financial Holding Corporation Wayfarer

                            What kind of furniture do you have. I am looking for manufacturers.

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                              cartess3 Wayfarer

                              Although some of you might disagree, marketing your product is more important than getting the website right… And please know, I’m in no way saying the website piece isn’t important. But so many people spend WAY too MUCH time on the website piece than they do on the marketing piece.


                              Getting business from the Internet becomes much easier when you actually sit down and take the time to go through the process of drafting a simple online marketing plan. Yea I know, this is the boring stuff no one wants to do. But it’s this simple process that’ll move you along much faster up the ladder of success.


                              This crazy idea of simply putting a website online and expecting business to pour in is absolutely ludicrous. Yet, this is what most business owners do. They pay some guy $99 bucks to build them a site, then they waste the next 5 months trying to get to the number one spot on Google because someone told them SEO (search engine optimization) was the best way to go.


                              When that doesn’t work, they go out and spend $35 bucks to get 100,000 hits sent to their website… What’s worse is they actually believe their going to make money from that effort. And finally, in a last ditch effort, they start writing and posting articles to 500 article directories hoping for some type of miracle to take place.


                              Simply put… it really doesn’t work that way partner! A simple marketing plan for your online efforts will surely help you arrive to your destination much faster… An online marketing plan will help you answer the following questions…


                              • What is your vision?
                              • What are your goals?
                              • What are some strategies for achieving your goals?
                              • What are some tactics you can implement right away?
                              • Whose responsible for carrying these out?


                              Obviously, there’s a little more to that, but one thing I love about the Internet is that you don’t have to go out and FIND prospects and customers. They’re already online searching for the products and services you offer.


                              Your responsibility is to ensure you show up when these people come searching. You need to make sure they bump into your content that’s distributed throughout the Internet --- in places they’re likely to search for you. And to all you diehard Google fans out there… They ain’t the ONLY show in town; and they’re definitely NOT the only way for people to find you on the Internet.


                              There are a variety of strategies you can implement in your marketing plan to drive very targeted prospects and customers to your website/business. I’d suggest you sit down with someone who can take a look at your business model and help you draft out a plan. We can most certainly help you with that as well.


                              One BIG benefit of marketing online is that it’s measurable and it’s immediate. Unlike other traditional methods of advertising/marketing, you don’t have to wait weeks or months to see results. So whatever plan we come up with together, it’s something that can be tweaked and adjusted immediately as the data/feedback starts coming in!




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                                proresource Adventurer

                                If you don't have a big budget, look at social media or email marketing. Think about who could be referring business to you and start reaching out to them so they get to know you and your business and become comfortable making referrals.

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                                  JackieGold Scout

                                  Yeah, agreed with proresource - social media marketing is inexpensive or you could hire a young person to do it for cheap! Once you gain a social media presence, a lot of other aspects of online marketing will be taken care of.

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                                    Deadwood Newbie

                                    Adwords or Facebook for pay per click are good options to try to jumpstart things. Be very careful that you have a daily limit on how much you want to spend though. You first should make sure everything is functioning properly on your site, like shopping cart, email, etc.


                                    In the long run you should work on your websites search ranking. If you have a lot of time you can teach yourself how to do it, otherwise you should hire a local person who you can meet with that you feel comfortable working with. Or, if you want to do it low cost you can hire good India, Filipino companies/ people  from or



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                                      barbusiness Wayfarer

                                      I know of several businesses that have received good roi from advertising on youtube promoted videos. It's pay per click ads just like google adwords, where you pay per click (in this case view).


                                      Youtube is the second largest search engine after google, with tons of potential traffic. You'll need to create a compelling video about your product, and then target this video to your niche.




                                      Hope this helps,