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    Need a female take on an age old problem

    Spyder Newbie
      I've got a client in my practice who works for a national non-profit organization who perceives the demands of her job as requiring much more than full time hours in any given week with events scheduled for fundraising on weekends and evenings, in addition to normal administrative duties. She is in her mid 30s and has a working husband and young son, both of whom complain (in their own way) that she is gone a lot and thus she feels pulled and torn in two directions, striving to meet everyone's needs but her own. I am not able to convince her that the true stress may not be the demands of the agency per se, but rather her own expectations of what is required of her to perform the job adequately. She is in high distress feeling that she will get bad reviews if she sets limits on the amount of time she is willing to work versus the guilt she feels in not being available enough to her husband and 3 year old son. Does anyone know of any helpful resource to turn to for experienced advice in terms of someone to share her experiences in balancing the competitive demands of a career and a family, or in lieu of that, is there a mentoring group or online support group that anyone knows of that may be self-help in nature to whom I can refer her for a chat? Thanks for any suggestions that come to mind.
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          KathleenF Scout
          Hi Spyder,

          I know this feeling real well, I am a remote employee and don't give myself a break at all ... EVER. I never feel like I can really just turn off the computer screen because I fear that I will miss a client request and not respond in a timely manner. My husband and family make the exact same complaints; yet I'm always here. Though my husband and children always remind me I'm not always 100% here. Even if we go out to do some family gathering, my phone is always nearby where I can see any client emails or issues.

          I absolutely agree it's our own expectations of ourselves. In this economy, we feel like we have to go above and beyond our jobs to ensure we're not standing in the UE line. We know there are 20 people that could step in and take our positions easily. Maybe she just needs some assistance in time management or evaluate what she can delegate to someone else?