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    Does Anyone Know of Any Effective Marketing Strategies?

    helpers2010 Newbie

      I recently started a tutoring company and I am interested in building my client base. My marketing strategies include posting flyers in various places like coffee shops and grocery stores, visiting schools and advertising on free online websites. I am thinking of also going door to door. I wanted to know if anyone knows of other useful marketing strategies.

      Thank you in advance!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Effective Marketing Strategies, Welcome and good luck

          How about business cards?? Do you know about SCORE. SCORE can help you with a marketing plan.
          SCORE is FREE.

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            bailout Newbie
            Also check with parents that you may know or friends of your who may know of parents that have kids. Also try some of the area store that teacher may shop for their schools supplies and after school club may help. Best Regards

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              To.Serve Newbie
              I think the first thing is to realize there isnt a magic bullet on finding the perfect marketing strategy. Marketing strategies could be really anything depending on your target market, customer profile, and industry.

              In this case, where you are going to be tutoring students you mentioned several methods of marketing to spread the word about your services but what you should consider before thinking trying everything under the sun is coming up with a dollar amount that you have allocated for just marketing. Before you start going door to door, not only are you spending your time, but maybe in your community there isnt much people that would be your ideal client.

              Here is my suggestion that I have advised many small business owners.... best described as a pyramid

              1) come up with an exact $ budget that you are wanting to spend

              2) for the base of your pyramid have five different marketing ideas with advertising money equally dispersed for all 5 and run it more on a smaller scale for a few weeks.

              3) analyze the information, what worked, what didnt, and what produced the greatest results... if there are multiple marketing ideas that worked... move to the next bracket of 3 and keep working it this way to ensure you maximize not only your time but also your money.

              This isnt directly answering your question but the key to all of this is instead of having 10 marketing ideas have a small number, allocating exact amount of money, and soon you will see which ones work the best and how your dollar was used more effectively.

              On a side note.... I do know many schools have a special teachers board that you can post ads and most the time all you have to do is ask permission and they would be happy to help.

              I hope this helps and wish you the best of luck!

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                I wonder how your offline/print marketing is working for you. The trend these days is going online and you can do that even if you do not have a website, but it never hurts to have one. What is your desired outcome it to capture email addresses or get your phone ringing? I will be happy to help you out if I get to know your business a little bit as I am an Internet Marketing Consultant.
                Cheers, Rav
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                  I think you already have some pretty good ideas where to start. Something to consider is your ideal customer. Your ideal customer is the person who has the need for your services because it is going to solve their problem, sees the value, has the money to pay for it, and has the authority to make the decision to buy.

                  Having said that, if your market (I presume) is 1-12 grade students, then focus on places (schools, coffee shops, etc.) who caters to the middle to high class customers.
                  Why? Because they are not only in a position to afford and buy those type of services for their children, but they also recognize the value of your service: tutoring=success in education=better jobs=more money=better future.

                  Last, as far as more ideas are concerned- schools do advertise their contact information on the internet. Make use of that, and send them a short description of your services, and where to contact you. Many schools are always looking for these services.
                  Good luck in your business!
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                    I have assembled many pages of free or almost free ways to promote any business. Hundreds of ideas for promoting your business on the web but also face-to-face. Social networking and good old-fashioned networking are both important even if your business is totally web-based.

                    Please go to and click on Promote It - then get out there and start promoting!

                    Best of Luck!!
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                      webtutor Newbie
                      There are many effective ways to market your services, you can try twitter and facebook. If you have questions, let me know. :)