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    What are the steps of acquiring a small business loan?

    mexicana7 Newbie open a mexican restaurant on the East Coast?
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          The answer to this question has several possible variations. The primary things that are going to matter are your personal credit, your experience in the industry and your ability to put some money into the business and to keep it running.

          Restaurants have LONG been considered high risk due to the very high failure rate. The tiniest fluctuations in food prices, serving portions too large, poor service, improper location, marketing, etc can all lead very quickly to a restaurant losing large sums of money and closing their doors.

          In the past couple of years, with the financial crisis, most lenders will not even consider restaurants and even hotels.

          Before getting into the steps of acquiring a loan you need to determine if you are really suited to the business, if you have the experience for the business, and if you have the assets to get into the business. You need to be very honest with yourself in this assessment. Fooling yourself because its a dream can quickly turn into a nightmare.

          There are several consulting companies such as mine that are available to help you evaluate your situation and if you are qualified then you will have a chance at funding, and we can direct you to lending sources in your area where you can apply for a business loan.

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            I think you should contact some bank for the loan
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              As already stated, there are several ways to seek and obtain funding. Know this - every lender will want to know two things: 1) Your willingness to repay - based on your personal credit and 2) Your ability to pay - the cash flow you have now to make loan payments.

              Before you start, you should always know how much you are seeking and what those funds will be used for. These are questions that any lender will ask you. Plus, there are different lenders for different products and even within banks - they have different products with different criteria for different needs. All lenders will handle secured loans (like equipment loans or property loans) differently then they will handle unsecured loans (like for working capital and marketing).

              Also, depending on your needs, you may have to deal with several lenders to get the full funding you require. Some will only loan against your assets while other will only provide unsecured loans.

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                I am horrified by the answers I am reading to your question! Obviously, no one is moderating this.

                You must go to the Small Business Administration ( where you will find all of the information you need, step-by-step and FREE. Also, find the closest SCORE office to you where you will be connected with an advisor from the restaurant field for FREE.

                There is never a reason to pay for this advice.