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    Funding for Truck

    Whitewater Newbie
      I have thirty four years in the industry. I have recently gone through the corporate downsizing and cost cutting driving for someone else. As in what usually happens it has ate my lunch and left me with enough to get by but barely. With all these years of experience . I believe that I can answer any questions a investor would have for me. Busines plan is fairly simple for a owner/ operator. I will have incredible access to the freight/ commodities. And with a little coaching I can get the expertise in becoming a successful LLC.
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          phanio Pioneer
          Not sure what your particular question is. If you are seeking an investor - you are going about it all wrong. Too desperate. If you are seeking funding, very few investors will fund deals like yours - not enough upside to it - especially given that freight is not paying.

          There are other ways to seek funding - ways that are less expensive than bringing on an investor. Depending on the amount you are seeking - there are micro lenders, peer-to-peer lenders, and even SBA loans that might fit your needs. There are even some non-bank lenders that will provide you funding - depending on their qualifications.

          Lastly, you might think about asking your friends and family. They know you best and probably would provide you the best deal in terms of the cost of those funds and the rate they will charge you.

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            BiznessLender Wayfarer
            I do have some options that might be available for you. It really depends on what your business plan entails, and how realistic your numbers are. If you are interested in some additional information, contact me here or let me know how you would like to be contacted.

            Best regards,

            Rafael Pabon
            President, Business Lending Associates
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                Whitewater Newbie
                Thank You! But, what I have found in the interum is that; No matter how bad a individuals personal score is, there are loan opportunities to be had to purchase what the business needs under any and all circumstances. You must be honest in the details but, once disclosed and all the criteria is layed out for everyone concerned to see. Those that have understanding will give fair consideration. And for those that are Nay Sayers. If you snooze you lose!