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    Starting A Web based Childrens Boutique...

    Janabee Newbie
      Hi, My name is Janabee and I have recently ventured into the business industry.
      It is no easy task so far, with all the forms and legal papers and other hurdles and loops to jump in and threw.
      I have many more unawnsered questions and steps before I can open my boutique web site. If anyone can help it would be so very appreciated.
      Here are a list of questions that I have and even if I only find the awnser to one it will be one less question that I have. LOL
      My first question is: Where and who should I talk to about setting my web site up, I no there are several out there but
      I want a reasonable but also (talently) good company.
      My second question is: Do I need an Acountant and Atorney for a web based business?
      My third question is a bit tricky: Were do I find good Children Boutique Manufactures,Wholesalers, And Drop Shippers?
      I say It Is tricky becuase for those who have ever researched this no that there are a whole lot of middle men...

      So far I have gotten my Tax ID, EIN, DBA, Set up my Business Banking, And done lots of hair pulling research and well so far came up with mostly nothing. Im begging you wonderful Business entrepreneurs to Please help a lost young Business Woman out.

      Thanks In Advance.... Janabee
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          Wholesalers Wayfarer
          1. Setting up a website is very easy now you can have a template of your own from wordpress and you just have to fill the empty places with your material you can see the wordpress site for more information.
          2. I don't think so you need them
          3. Their are several wholesale directories where you can find the wholesalers , suppliers and drpshippers like ebay, alibaba , dailytrader and

          I have tried my best to give you the right answers cheers,
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            Congratulations on starting your own business and for what you have accomplished so far. Many people don't make it this far. I know it can be frustrating, but you should be proud.


            Regarding the web site, depending on complexity of your vision, as others have mentioned, there are numerous options. I recommend YNG Web Solutions.


            Do you need an accountant and an attorney? Again that depends on the complexity of your business, your skills and the work that you want to take on. Many people start small businesses without retaining a lawyer, but I am not one and cannot provide legal advice. Depending on the volume of business that you anticipate and your skills to handle your own accounting (with the aid of accounting software), you will have to decide if you need one. It always helps to have a talented accountant, but can you afford it in your startup budget?


            Wholesalers gave you a good recommendation for your third request. Usually middle men are involved when wholesalers prefer not to deal direct with smaller shops. This may be a reality for you depending on your volume and the flexibility of the manufacturer / distributor.


            I hope this helps.


            Doug Dolan


            The Solopreneur's Guide (


            Small Biz Break (
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              PlushModa Newbie

              I would love to hear more about your childrens boutique! I own a clothing company and know the process you are going to can be a bit frustrating! Not sure how your website is going but the company that did my website was very professional and very affordable. They can do anything. I just told them a site that I liked and they nearly duplicated it. You can check out my companies website yourself and if your interested I could put you in touch with the actual guy who created it. Also if your still looking for clothing manufacturers I can help you get anything you need it just depends on the quantity. I wish you the best of luck. I love helping out children and companies that cater to them. Hope I can help,