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    i need an investor or loan for my products

    nextnike2010 Newbie
      long story short half of these funding companies are all scams no one is a real lender. i have several products that will knock nike under armour and addidas out of the water I also have some other products ive designed and want to get out there b4 someone tries to make a different version of them i know they will sell. i dont have a good credit score not entirely my fault old job owes me $40k someone please help me in where to look because i have a solid business plan and even better products
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          phanio Pioneer

          There are several methods that you can use to fund your business - but, they depend on how much you are seeking and what the funds will be used for. Without knowing that, it would hard to point you in the right direction.


          You could always go to our web site - we list resources and information regarding many different forms of financing and it costs you nothing to educate yourself on what financing might be available for your business.

          Something else you might try is finding other manufacturers and license your designs to them. It will save you tons of expense up front and they will do all the work.

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            BiznessLender Wayfarer
            Do you have a patent? Is your product that different? If it is a high appeal item, I do know someone who might work with you on it. He actually produces info-mercials, and is always on the lookout for a hot new product that has a decent price point and will sell. He might be able to help you get set up with manufacturing, etc.

            Contact me if you want to discuss it further. If it looks good, I will at least put you in touch with him, where it goes from there is up to the two of you.

            Best regards,

            Rafael Pabon
            President, Business Lending Associates
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              BizSpec Newbie

              Have you contacted your local SBA rep. They are usually great resources for funding and or advice.