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    Angel Investor Needed

    Coolmax Newbie
      Tired of trying to make money in Stocks or Real Estate.

      Angel Investor Needed for an Internationally Patented & Trademarked Retail product.

      400% Profit.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Cool, You posted TWICE
          Tell us more. How large an Investor Needed for an Internationally
          Patented & Trademarked retail product??
          Who and what are you?? Where are you located?? How long in business??
          Cash Flow and return on investment??
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            You have posted in two threads. Please post in only one to receive the best feedback.
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              DomainDiva Ranger
              Is this multi level marketing?
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                CEO Space Scout

                I agree with Luckiest, please tell us more.
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                  Coolmax Newbie
                  I posted twice in two different areas to make sure that somebody might respond.

                  Thank you to all that replied.

                  The line of business I am in is the must cut-throat International money making Industry.

                  My International Patents & Trademarks are in Apparel.

                  I have all aspects ready, I am just lacking the capital to manufacture my garments.

                  Catch-22 - Manufactures will not take the chance on something with there own resources or without a proven sales track record & Retailers will not give me orders until I have a finished manufactured product.

                  I have knocked on a lot of doors looking for Investment capital & It's always the same thing - Information Over Load.

                  The Investors I have talked to in the past knew nothing about the Apparel business.

                  Please only surious Investors that want to have fun making a lot of money need apply.
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                    MDF2008 Wayfarer
                    *+Do you have a business plan for the investor to
                    Do you a mutual non-disclosure to be signed?

                    What is the investment dollar range needed?

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                        Coolmax Newbie
                        Hello MDF2008:

                        Yes I do have a business plan.

                        If you do not know the Apparel Industry, you will get lost in all the Information - *+Information Over load.</<br />Yes I do have a Confidentiality Agreement that needs to be signed before I will give out more Information.

                        Investment range is from (5) Million dollars to (25) Million dollars.

                        25 Million dollars is a drop in the bucket when starting a new International Apparel venture.

                        The more capital Invested to more products I will manufacture.

                        80% of the Investment capital will be used for manufacturing products, 20% will be used for equipment, overhead, advertising & marketing Internationally.

                        I have the nohow, ability, desire & motivation to make this a profitable venture within one (1) year Internationally.

                        Capital is the only thing I need to make this venture a success.
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                            LUCKIEST Guide
                            Angel Investor Needed, Cool. O K
                            Capital is the only thing I need to make this venture a success.
                            How Much?? For How Long?? How will I get Repaid?? and What Guarantee or Security is available??
                            Again LUCKIEST
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                              GrowthCurve Adventurer

                              I think you need to seek out guidance from someone who understands how money is raised. I do not know where you live, but if there's a small business development center near you, that might be a good place to start.


                              Apologies if I am wrong, but I get the feeling that you have a whole lot of enthusiasm (which is great) but not much experience in actually running a larger business. If this is true, you are going to have quite a battle on your hands, as investors are really looking for experienced management. If you do lack this kind of experience, you might want to bring some people on board who will give the investors additional comfort.


                              Also, I think you're making two mistakes with how you're going about raising money. The first is that you're asking for too much. It's highly unlikely that you're going to get anywhere near $5 million from an angel investor. You might get someone who can invest those kinds of funds over time, but at this stage you should be asking only for what you need to hit whatever the next major milestone is in your business.


                              I'm really thinking that you should be looking for $1 million or less (like maybe even a few hundred thousand). You need seed capital, not $5 million. (And to suggest that $25 million is a "drop in the bucket," at least in my opinion, just shows that you need to get advice from someone who understands how capital is raised. $25 million is a "drop in the bucket" to no one when it comes to raising money for a new company.)


                              The second mistake that I think you're making is using a non-disclosure agreement. Most serious investors (at least professional venture investors...maybe individual angels are different) will not sign an NDA, period. They see so many business plans and they don't want to be accused of stealing someone's idea when they invest in Company A, which happens to do the same thing (or close to it) that you do. If you ever get to the point where you are ready to go in front of true venture funds, just know that most of them will not sign this document.


                              You should have an executive summary that does not give away all of the details and use that as a means of gauging investor interest.


                              I can tell that you are very passionate about your business and product, and that enthusiasm can take you very far, but I think you should locate someone who can help you navigate the capital-raising waters.


                              Best of luck.

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                                  sojome Newbie

                                  I read your comments and it appears you have some solid understanding in capital markets funding ..
                                  I have a similar need in that I own a specialty organic food manufacturer .I have revenues , we are CF positive , 20 EE's, asset based and large accounts in front of me that are interested in my products .. I want to raise $600k iin WC and another $ 600K for capacity expansion .
                                  Private label is a larger marketplace for us as many retailers and mfgers are looking to outsource their supply chain for our types of products .

                                  any specific directions you may offer . candidly i have not spent much time on this as I'm loaded runing a growing business
                                  thanks .
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                                      GrowthCurve Adventurer

                                      Without knowing much about your business, I have to say that I am very enthusiastic about your chances of raising additional capital. I believe that you are in the right place at the right time with respect to your products and your market. Helping are also the facts that you have revenue, cash flow, et cetera. You are beyond the stage of establishing proof of concept. Now you are ready to grow. Congratulations.


                                      Based on a quick Google search, I think this place is your first stop:



                                      The site is self-explanatory, but the goal is to get wired into the angel and venture capital community.

                                      SBDCs like this can be a great place to start, but I do not know how far they will take you. There could come a time when you need to hire someone to help out with this effort. (As you said, you're already pretty business with your current position.)


                                      If you do decide to hire someone to help you write a business plan or prepare your presentations or otherwise hold your hand through the capital-formation process, please know that you must tread carefully. For some reason, this industry draws all kinds, if you know what I mean.


                                      The business of helping small businesses raise capital is chock full of people who over-promise and under-deliver.


                                      Even though I am just about clear across the country, I'd be happy to help you assess any future service providers in your area. I can usually tell pretty quickly if someone has a clue as to what they're doing.


                                      I wish you well.






                                      Paul Broni


                                      Growth Curve Services, Inc.



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                                          Coolmax Newbie
                                          Growth I thank you for your response.

                                          You must not know anything about the Apparel Industry or business.
                                          The last time a totally new concept in Fashion Apparel was Introduced was in 1947, it was called the Bikini.
                                          Look where the Bikini is now & how much it has changed sense then.
                                          With today's global economy what do you think would happen if someone where to Introduce it today?
                                          What happens after very red carpet or fashion show?
                                          Before you even get started there are 9 things to consider:
                                          1.) Cost of Manufacturing
                                          2.) Type of Materials
                                          3.) Colors
                                          4.) Sizes
                                          5.) Styles
                                          6.) Men
                                          7.) Women
                                          8.) Young
                                          9.) Elderly
                                          Who is your market at what time of year?
                                          Here let me do a breakdown for you with One ($1) Million dollars.
                                          Let's say that it cost you Ten ($10) dollars to Manufacture - High but around number to work with.
                                          You pick Cotton - Black
                                          You have Five (5) basic sizes
                                          You would end up with 20,000 of One (1) Type of Material, One (1) Color per Size & What about Style?
                                          That is a very limited market for One (1) item.
                                          In a Global Marketplace that is nothing.
                                          I hope this better outlines what I am trying to do.
                                          The other thing is that the Apparel Industry/Business is the most Lucrative Cut-Throat International Industry/Business to compete in & against.

                                          $25 Million dollars is nothing to start an International Apparel company.
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                                              GrowthCurve Adventurer

                                              With all due respect, as little as I may know about the apparel industry, specifically, you appear to know less about starting a business and raising capital.

                                              If you continue to seek $25 million to get your idea started, you will end up with only your idea. People do not invest $25 million in start-ups.

                                              I would not suggest that your enterprise may not need $25 million over time. It might. But it will not take $25 million to start up.


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                                        MDF2008 Wayfarer
                                        <s<br />I have been in the apparel business for several years.

                                        Maybe I can help you.

                                        *MDF2008 *