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    Looking for online business

    manikandan Newbie
      i have plan to work on part time job...i am a software engineer.i am looking for a oppurtunity online business...can you please help me out?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Sure we can help you out if you tell us more. Who are you (besides being a software engineer)??, Where are you??
          What are you looking for?? and do you have a Business and Marketing Plan??
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            CEO Space Scout
            Welcome to the forum.

            I have referred many people to profitable low start up online businesses, but I agree with Luckiest, a bit more information will help us to help you.
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              TGA000 Wayfarer
              From my experience the best way to get into this market is free.

              You're going to want to do the following:

              #1: Write down about 10 things you know a great deal about
              #2: Dig up info on what's called "Affiliate Marketing"
              #3: Learn how people search online using either Adwords or Search Engine Optimization/Social Media Optimization

              Why do I say this? Becasue what I see people do day in and day out is come up with what sounds like a great idea but when they use the net it explodes in their faces.

              Working online is fantastic... IF you can figure out what people are looking for.

              That's both the blessing and the curse of this industry.

              After you jot down those 10 ideas you'll want to use the Google Adwords External Keyword Tool (Just Google it, the URL is huge!)

              What this will show you is how people are looking for goods and services.

              Now, as an affiliate you can get your feet wet and start to understand the mechanics behind becoming successfull online.

              Best part? It's all free.

              Some of the most visible and proffitable sites out there are built from blogs. (Free stuff)

              Do not spend money on software, websites and/or any sort of development until you know what works and what doesn't work.

              Did that make sense?

              The entire web has changed in the past few months. If you push for the wrong keywords you could either be buried in obscurity and/or spend a fortune on advertising that does not bring in new customers.

              Never try to create a product without first seeing if there's a market for it.

              Good luck!
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                  manikandan Newbie
                  Thanks for your valuable inputs.
                  basically i am engineering background.4 years of experience in software field.
                  my first problem is whether i can focus on software projects or any other products or business...
                  please give me some suggestion....
                  and one more thing can you please give some "URL" to lookup a business kind of information....
                  business oppurtunity....

                  Thank you....
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                    LUCKIEST Guide
                    TGA, Great answer. I am a SCORE Counselor and SCORE is FREE.
                    Your first three suggestions is what SCORE calls developing a Business and Marketing Plan.
                    They both work. If it O K with you I am going to copy your reply and hand it out with other SCORE and
                    Bank of America literate give FREE to SCORE Clients.
                    Thanks LUCKIEST
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                        TGA000 Wayfarer
                        Hey, sorry to take so long to get back to you. I was issued a small challenge with some of my statements and had to make a fast video to back it all up.

                        What's funny about your asking that is I've been asked to become a part of SCORE. I have the application package sitting on my desk about 5 inches from my hand!

                        You want to do what with it? And don't repost that answer! Get some real meat if you want to get solid info. I just tossed that info out because I was in a hurry.

                        Shoot an email over or something
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                      gervi115 Newbie
                      care to try???