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    Check it out!

    UBCOA1 Wayfarer
      "Zero" start up cost

      Risk our money to start your business, we provide the necessary training, resources, and support. We make our money based on 1% of your sales volume...

      NOBODY else operates this way. We assume the reap the rewards!
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          CEO Space Scout
          Hey UBCOA.

          Glad to have you here. I just want to point out that your post was posted twice. I bet that was just an error....right???

          Because there really is no need to post multiple times here.
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              LOL, I attempted to correct a couple of typo's and when I submitted it posted twice. I wonder if they would consider designing a mode for the poster of the topic to edit his/her entry. Then guys like me wouldnt seem to be repeating themselves!
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              "Zero" start up cost. Risk your money to start our business.
              Great marketing and you will get many takers, How long have you been in business??
              Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                  UBCOA1 Wayfarer
                  UBCOA has been in business for almost 6 yrs and we have been offering the eBC Venture Program for 3 1/2 yrs.

                  Due to our business model we operate much differently than other "Biz Opp" companies and have an Interview Process to select the best candidates for the program. Everyone has different knowledge and proficiency levels so we need to be able to assess our clients needs in order for the program to be effective. One size does NOT fit all and we believe that is the biggest reason why people fail when signing on with many "Biz Opp" companies.

                  The Small Business Administration identifies the following as the 3 major causes of failure for small business:

                  1) Lack of Sufficient Start Up Capital
                  2) Lack of Sufficient Training
                  3) Lack of Support.

                  We addressed all three of these contributors within the eBC Venture Program:

                  1) We absorb the Startup Expenses
                  2) We provide the necessary Training
                  3) We provide 24/7 Support for our Clients

                  The SBA has also found that Franchised Startups have a 6 time greater chance of succeeding than an Independent Startup. Why?
                  Franchises provide Training and Support for their Franchisees!

                  Nobody can guarantee success....but doing the necessary research, having the necessary training, support, and resources will maximize a new businesses chances of success.

                  THAT is what the eBC Venture Program is all about!
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                      Experience Wayfarer
                      Stay away from this person and stay away from This is the biggest scam going. After he gets your bank information to "set you up in business with no cash up front" you start getting these charges on your checking account. Everything he tells you is a lie. If you need proof, email me at:
             and I'll send it to you.

                      Georgia Ballard