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    F1 visa business registration advice

    legalvice Newbie

      Im a grad student on f1 visa and planning to start a hotel search website similar to orbits in different countries. my question is can i register this as a partnership in the usa?
      that requires filing with the state department and obtaining a EIN for tax purposes.

      I have read a few of the online discussions already with good help. but would like to post my own thread to get clearer answers.

      LLC or anything else (even LLP) is out of the question since its too expensive.

      so would like to know if i can have a partnership registered and draw possible profits if i report them when filing tax? i already file taxes similar to a citizen.
      if this website registration pays the local, state and any fed taxes it has to.. can it operate legally?

      would be grateful for any advice.. if things do not look good i can always register it in my home country.