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    3 Steps to Powerful Presentations

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      Effectively Using Your Powerful Presentation


      In the Powerfully Presenting Yourself E-Book, we looked at an overview of the five components of powerfully presenting yourself, and started to design a conversation at the end of which it is clear who you are, what you bring to the conversation, and where you are going with your life. We spend a week or more on each level - in doing the exercises, you've kept asking yourself the questions, seeing each day what you wanted to add to your answers, or even better starting fresh by creating your answers newly each day. You've probably found your dreams coming alive, expanding on what's available in your life, and for your life. New ideas will continue to emerge - as you true yourself up to your natural self-expression.

      There are three steps to powerfully delivering any presentation:
      1) Powerfully set up the presentation with your audience; Be sure you have scheduled plenty of time to deliver your presentation, that they know the subject of the presentation and are prepared to listen! You also want to be sure there are no interruptions or distractions from your presentation - you want their full attention.

      2) Be Prepared! You want to have practiced your presentation many times. We recommend starting with presenting it powerfully to yourself in the mirror - you'll be amazed at how much you can learn from watching yourself! What works? What doesn't work? What can you add? Do your facial expressions and body language reflect the content of your presentation? Where do you lose focus on the person in the mirror and go into your head, or into getting the words right? The second recommended way is to practice your presentation with another person - use someone you trust to listen powerfully for what works, and doesn't work. Choose someone who will empower you to succeed, and someone you can take advice from without resistance.

      3) Deliver! Show up powerfully when you present. Set aside your doubts, your fears, and anything else that might get in the way of your powerfully delivering on your intention. You want them to know who you are, what you bring to the table, and where you are headed in your life - be that person!!

      The secret to powerfully presenting your self is letting your audience, whether a single person or a stadium full of people, know what they need to know so they can choose how they want to participate. So - let ‘em have it!!

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