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    Newly Formed LLC, Previous DBA

    Chris404 Newbie

      I recently formed an LLC and was previously operating my business as a sole proprietor under a trade name (DBA). Now, as the business operating under the DBA has already been well-established and a tremendous success, my goal is to continue operating using the existing DBA, but to do so with the newly formed LLC as the 'primary' ("behind the scenes") business entity. I am fully aware of the fact that it is possible to operate an LLC using a DBA. That said, is it possible to operate a newly formed LLC with an already existing DBA? I reside in the state of New Hampshire and had indeed registered an EIN for the existing business. I had not registered a business account with my bank and had previously been routing all revenue earned to my personal accounts. Since forming the LLC, I have indeed opened a business account with my bank for the new entity.

      So, in essence:
      • Formed business with DBA in March of 2010.
      • Formed new LLC - under another name - in late August of 2010.
      • Want to operate new LLC using previously existing DBA.
      • Can I use the previous DBA to continue operating under the new Limited Liability Company?
      Any assistance and/or insight would be greatly appreciated. It should be noted that I am the sole owner of the newly formed LLC and no manangement/staff changes have taken place. I will be speaking with my lawyer and tax consultant, however I wanted to gain a bit of perspective from you fine folks prior to going about doing so.