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    International Bill Of Exchange Funding?

    gobig9494 Newbie

      Hello- Does anyone know how to raise capital or get a loan using an International Bill of Exchange for a a few real estate developement projects? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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          phanio Pioneer
          Regardless of what reason you are trying to raise funds - you must have a solid method of repaying or providing a return for investors. If you can demonstrate that your investors or lenders will make money along side of you - then seek out investors or lenders who deal in that space.

          I have not heard of any type of specific financing for what you mention other than seeking out standard investors or lenders in that space and showing them that they and you can make money doing it.

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            Marcellius03x Wayfarer


            Hello gobig9494

            It seems that you have the desire to do international business, but question you have and the answer you require has a lot to do with the country you intend to do business with/in. After 9/11 a lot of things changed, and put a crazy amount of red tape on doing international business regardless of what that business is.

            Contrary to what people may believe, there are MANY banks and lenders that participate in the international business market. These lenders even include the US government....big surprise right? lol

            Now, I see that you are interested in a "few" real estate development projects. Depending on the country, economy and politics, you should impose much caution on your decisions.

            1) Have you lived, and/or are you from the area in which you want to place these projects?


            2) If you are not from the area, or country, have you had extensive stays in the area or country?


            3) Is this something you initiated, or did someone bring this idea to you?


            4) If it was brought to you by someone, then there are a number of things you need to know and should know about that person.


            If you answered "No" and/or are unsure about any of those be cautious, and I wouldn't mind speaking to you about the matter more if you would like.


            You have a difficult question, but I can tell you YES, it is very possible to do, and is done daily. When dealing international be very careful, and precise, there were two businessmen in Texas last month that are looking to go to jail for 20+ years, plus fines over an international notes of exchange issues.



            Thank you and good luck to your international venture(s)