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    Questiong about my Woodworking Business

    bryanwhitley Newbie

      My name is Bryan and I just started a woodworking business. Right now, I'm helping people with and doing some other for my customers. You can see some of the plans at my site. I'm wondering if a business like this (woodworking) is something I can get a loan for. Please provide me with any information necessary like forms, plans, etc that I will need to take to a bank officer. Thanks.
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          Woodworking Business

          Bryan, You need a business plan. Do you know about SCORE. SCORE is FREE
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            For information regarding financing, I recommend you check out a site called, Business Money Today.


            The bank will likely require that you have some kind of business plan (in whole or partial). Depending on the amount of funds you seek, you may be eligible for a SBA loan. If so, you can go to where they will have the necessary forms and a search option for lenders in your area.


            For market research, business plans and other business forms, you can download them for no charge at my site, Small Biz Break. Just go to the Register page first for access to the Solutions Center where you will find the forms, templates and ebooks that can help you.


            If you find that you still need help, simply drop us a line at our Contact Us page.


            I hope this helps.


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