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    Looking for CPA?

    bearsfan Newbie
      I am looking for a CPA to handle the taxes portion of my business.

      What should I look for in a CPA?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          It would help to know more. Are you looking for a CPA to join your business like a Controller
          or are you looking for a CPA to do your year end taxes or something else??
          Tell us more. How long have you been in business?? Are you a large (define large) company??
          Looking for a CPA is like looking for a life partner, a car purchase or betting on the super bowl.
          Every body and business picks and chooses based on ??
          All CPA are experienced to do the job. You have to pick the one that impresses you most.
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            Look for someone you can talk to, someone who will communicate with you. A good accountant will give you a plan to keep your financial information up to date and thus easier for him/her to prepare your return at the end of the year. If you find someone who tells you that handing them a boxful of receipts and bank statements is OK you will want to keep looking.

            LUCKIEST is is a partnership and a relationship as well. It grows and is founded on total honesty.
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              Jen727BF Newbie
              Good question, as I find myself looking for a CPA too. I have two recommendations from friends on CPAs, but I have no idea what I am looking for. I need a CPA who will do my year end taxes using my quickbooks. Any tips?
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                  bearsfan Newbie
                  I have friends that are CPA's. Another question would be could you use a friend, that you already have, as your CPA?
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                      LUCKIEST Guide
                      That is a tough call. We all have friends that are CPA.
                      25 years ago I was a practicing C P A. Some of my clients have turned into very good and long friends.
                      I have had friends who I told I DID NOT want to be their accountant.
                      My wedding gift to all 4 of my children was to find their own accountant .
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                          SpartanWarior Wayfarer
                          Great question Bearsfan. I appreciate your answers Domaindiva, CEO space and Luckiest.

                          I have an additional question - WHERE should the accountant be?

                          Choices are:

                          1. Near my office/home so I can go talk to that person whenever I want to
                          2. Same city. You should talk to the person often
                          3. Does not matter which CITY so long as the person understands tax and accounting implications. But SAME country
                          4. Does not matter which COUNTRY so long as the person understands tax and accounting implications

                          Do you have answers?
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                      Elite1 Adventurer
                      I suggest you ask fellow business owners in your area for referrals. Let them know you are looking for an accountant in your area who is knowledgeable, reliable, accessible, and accurate. Good luck!

                      Elite Financial Services
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                        kevhan Adventurer
                        The main thing to look for is after you have spoken to the potenial new accountant you must ask yourself - did you feel comfortable speaking to him. Does he/she answer your questions and not make you feel like you are bothering him/her. Does he explain complicated matters in a way you will understand. Does he dig a little deeper and try to get in front of the problems you are having. Is he a bean counter or team member that will do his/her part to help you manage and prosper. An accountant serves a very important role in business if used wisely you gain from a person who has experience in not only taxes and accounting but BUSINESS.


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                          eyeteam Wayfarer
                          I understand exactly what you need and looking for. If you would go to and click on the watch movie link and a team of experts will be standing by to help you with your business needs immediately.