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    branch ofice

    Dereshki Adventurer
      I am runing a business in CA. I want do business with Key Bank, but they dont work in CA. I want open adress or branch ofice to work with them. What i need?

      Thank you
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          FirstClassCPA Wayfarer

          Im not sure if you got an answer for this thread, but most states allow you to register your corporation or llc as a "foreign" entity. What this means is that your entity can transact business in the states that Key does business in. The process is as follows:
          Obtain a certificate of good standing from your original entity state. second, register as a foreign corporation or llc in the state you will do business and send them a copy of the the certificate of good standing and the appropriate fee. They will issue you a certificate. If you are a sole proprietor all you need to do is file a new fictitious name in the county you will be doing business.

          I hope that helps.