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    What is Talkswitch?

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      *Hi, I also have a small
      business and I am using Talkswitch since two years. Basically TalkSwitch
      is the original all-in-one PBX telephone system for small business. Packed with
      amazing features, TalkSwitch systems improves your image, saves your money and
      keeps you connected everywhere.


      *With TalkSwitch, you
      connect the way you choose. It works with VoIP (Voice over IP) and the
      traditional telephone network, and you can choose IP or standard analog
      telephones. TalkSwitch PBX and IP PBX phone systems lets you work the way you
      want to.




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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Hope the follow helps, LUCKIEST

          With only minor configuration,
          you can have the TalkSwitch running right out of the box.
          is a walk in the park; the intuitive interface makes management simple;
          you get some unique callback features, such as prompted callback and
          four auto-callback numbers; and, because it compact, it's easy to find
          a place to store it.