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    5 days of PPC and no sales - something wrong with my product line?

    jonah305 Newbie
      Hi all,

      I have been running a google Adwords campaing for five days now, spent close to $100 and have not produced a single sale ( I've gotten a total of about 300 visitors (paid and unpaid). I'm begining to question my product line. I know my products are exensive so my conversions won't be as high, but I thought that by now I would have had at least one sale. Can anyone give me some honest feedback on what I am doing wrong or if they think my product line just won't appeal to enough people? Am I expecting results too quickly? Yes, I know the site is not the best, but there's not much I can do about that now.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          305, Interesting website. Questions, What is your background?? What did you expect when you started??
          Did you write a Business Plan?? Tell us a little more.
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            intechspecial Ranger
            I like the idea of a high-class dog collar, but I would not be willing to pay that amount for jewelry for my dog.


            If there was a "budget" class, or an "economy" line that would be of interest to me.
            Please understand that mine is one opinion of many, and it may not be a correct view.

            The website was nicely laid out, I just had a hard time being able to click on "add to cart". If the product had the add to cart button right by picture it might help as well.

            More illustraitive description by pic could help to encourage buyers as well.

            Once again, this is only my opinion, and I by no means am any type of marketing specialist.

            I really do like the idea of dog-jewelry, maybe I will visit the site again!


            Michael Stratton
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              Biz Online Adventurer
              Hi Jonah,
              Did you read my post of Common Pay Per Click Mistakes?
              See it here: Three Common Mistakes in Pay Per Click Campaigns

              One of the problems is that once you add to cart, there is no checkout button
              right next to the add to cart button!
              Another problem is that your checkout button is TOO SMALL, and hard to find at
              the very top of the page.
              Another problem is that you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to add to

              Get your Add to Cart and Checkout Buttons above the fold next to the product picture, and make them prominent. Above the fold simply means placing the buttons without having to scroll down the page.
              Add "points of reassurance" near these buttons, like "Always Secure Checkout", HackerSafe, etc.
              Avoid scrolling wherever possible.
              Simplify your look on product information pages with easy to scan bullet points.

              What type of click through rates did you get on your first $100 of spend?
              What type of targeting are you using (US, State, City)?
              Did you use negative keywords?

              Good luck,
              Cliff Koraska - PPC Specialist

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                WriterChick Newbie
                You have a great site! I didnt think that adding to cart and checking out function was difficult to find at all. Your dog collars are pricey, and I think that may be the problem. If they were cheaper they would be selling. You need to target uppermiddle and upper class audience with these collars. If I were you I would also make a list of pet stores and consider marketing the product line to them as well.
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                  puzzleman Tracker
                  Jonah, I like your product. I think that you need to serve two groups of people. You need the high end stuff like you have for the people that can afford it but also offer a moderate price group as well. Do not offer a cheap line. People like myself like your product but I cannot afford those for my 2 dogs. But I like your designs and if you had something a little lower as well I would be interested in that as well.

                  It's kind of like a car ad. They show everybody all the glamour of the high price model knowing that most people won't buy that one. But a large group of people will like the high price but settle for the lower price model as that is what the can realistically afford. I see that kind of advertising in many areas.
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                    NatOnline Tracker
                    I recommend you to get listed on Yahoo directory, that will give you more traffic, and potential customers

                    Trust me it is worth it.

                    With Adwords becareful when you are spending your money most people will never get a ROI (Return Of Investment).

                    If you want to go with Adwords, I think you should give a try to BizOnline, he is an expert.
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                      NatOnline Tracker
                      By the way you can always get listed on our directories to get exposure for your website for just a few dollars.

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                        Lasalesguy Newbie

                        PPC marketing is tricky and typically small business owners don't know what they should do. My company can offer you a Cost Per Action program all the while putting together an online marketing plan to fit your needs and budget. Please feel free to email me at

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                          Lighthouse24 Ranger

                          I think I gave feedback on a beta version of this site awhile back. To me, the website is fine. I think PPC is a questionable strategy for a product like this, and that in itself may be part of the problem.

                          As far as your product and sales approach, I agree with others that you're at the lower threshold of expensive. You could offer something in the mid-range as suggested above, but since this is already an upscale/luxury item in a sense, I'd actually raise the price a little (if necessary) in order to provide more value for the money -- specifically, free Priority Mail shipping and a decent product guarantee.

                          According to your written policy, the customer either has to return a product "unused and unopened" or it has to be "found to be defective at our sole discretion" within seven days of when the customer orders it. That would absolutely stop me from ordering! If I'm spending $100+ on a collar, it needs to be beautiful and high quality (it's going on a DOG). Your products are beautiful, but to me, the wording above says, "You'll find these precious stones scattered around your backyard or local park very soon."

                          So . . . if the quality really is poor, there's the problem. If the quality is good, guarantee it. Even if you needed to raise the price a little to cover the occasional repair/replacement, I would. (Because I think a customer who likes the 19" red tigereye will be more likely to buy it for $129 with free shipping and a one-year free repair/replacement guarantee than for $109 with $10 shipping and essentially no guarantee).

                          Hope this helps. I'd really like to see your business grow.
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                            CEO Space Scout
                            What were the terms you used in your PPC?

                            Did your PPC terms match the demographic of the type of person who would buy your product?

                            I have often been interested enough to click on a PPC ad only to be disappointed when I got
                            to the site to find it wasn't what I thought it would be.
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                              moogrdotcom Adventurer
                              Without knowing your PPC campaign details i'll give my 2 cents.

                              1. Your product sounds like a long-tail product. By that i mean you wouldn't want to advertise "dog collars" on google, you would want to advertise specialty dog collars or fine dog collars or imported dog collars or celebrity dog collars

                              2. Get rid of the flash into... i was bored before i started looking ;)

                              3. Focus your sellers on the homepage as well as showcase about your product/business/message

                              In your niche i'm sure the markup/margin is pretty high.. in PPC your going to eat much of that margin until you build your brand/market/niche awareness. You most likely won't generate instant sales and would want to run analytics so you see how long it takes for a conversion and which leads are making the conversion.

                              Remember as well, it takes a while to get going.

                              I'd also recommend you showcase your phone number, get a toll free sales line and create a unique shopping experience to fit the price. "Click here to call us Toll Free with any of your shopping needs". Show your phone number on every page. Be proud of who you are and what you sell.

                              Costs money to make money but i think you have a good niche, you just need to have a website that sustains your asking price.

                              Oh yeah, one more thing, the shipping overseas seams insanely expensive. USPS flat rate boxes with tracking get anywhere in the world in 8 days or less and don't cost nearly 20-30 bucks and you get free boxes to boot. YOu may be losing some good sales to the elite dog/pet owners across the world because they will end up paying 1/3rd more in s&h. Not that it will scare of people with fat wallets but it may open you up to more sales without investing terribly more into PPC campaigns.
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                                TGA000 Wayfarer
                                Wow, great site and amazing idea.

                                If PPC isn't working for you hit Social Media.


                                Those kinds of sites.

                                And I know what you're thinking: "Those sites are full of teenagers talking about their dates and music"...

                                No. The average age from these things is 35 and they're over 20% more likely to buy online than a person who comes through a natural Google search.

                                FaceBook. Try the ads there.

                                You don't target based on keywords, you target based on interests! (and we all know how insane dog lovers can get!)

                                Not only that, but it's way cheaper than adwords.

                                FYI: Facebook gets over 2x the number of page views per month than Google.
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                                  concept rick Newbie
                                  You have a beautiful site and a great product line. I would not question that. I wiould qustion your marketing effort though. What does your offer say? Do you have an invitation to some special offer enticing people to click through? When they do click through, they should receive something for their effort. We normally ask our clients to develop a landing page with a give back or free offer or dollar offer. $40 off your first purchase of a collar!
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                                    jonah305 Newbie
                                    Thanks to everyone for the great advice! I have already implemented some of your suggestions, such as free shipping, better return policy, warranty, etc. I am also going to try other marketing avenues, not just PPC. Finally, I am building relationships with other suppliers to increase my product offering in a lower price range.

                                    I truly appreciate your help.