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    Most Effective Way to Market a Staffing Business

    aspireps Newbie
      Hi All,

      My wife and I have just started an IT staffing company serving Metro Atlanta and I'm wondering what is the most effective (i.e., value for money) way to generate leads and get clients.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Welcome to this website. Been there, did it. 18 years ago opened a staffing company in northern N J.
          Our goal ways to be different. At that time we specialized in fields that were "outside the norm" like Environmental
          (today it is green), Engineering and Sales. Remember this was before the internet.
          We also had a partner who was a Marketing person which helped.
          Do you have a Business and Marketing Plan??
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              aallc01 Wayfarer

              First off what makes you unique. There are alot of staffing companies out there. Be able to articulate your mission and value proposition.
              I would take the first number of steps:
              Search the web for all the companies based out of Atlanta
              Talk to their HR departments and see if they have a contract that you can sign to work on a contingency basis. Also, see what positions that they are hiring for that you may want to try and fill.
              Talk to other recruiters in the area to seeif you can work out some type of partnership agreement where you split commissions on helping to find clients.A network like this is very important.
              There are websites on for companies that just received series A,B or C funding. Usually,small companies get funding to expand which may mean resources. Focusing on small companies could be an excellent start.
              What rates will you charge? The going rate now is 20% of first year salary for placement.Is that your plan?
              Be aggressive with your searches on the web and selective where you place your hiring adds.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Staffing, Our Executive Director of a non profit gave us the 30 day notice last night.
              So we are looking. Can you help?
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger
                Just to be sure my thinking is in line with your strategy . . . Which is the bigger challenge/focus for you right now -- finding IT talent to fill open positions at firms you're already working with, or finding firms to hire the IT talent you already know about? Thanks.
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                    aspireps Newbie
                    Wow, what a great set of responses! My future state vision is to operate as a consultancy with a set of core employees, so I'm focusing on finding placement for talent that I already know about. I am trying to stay away from recruiting per my goal is to stay local and provide specialized staff augmentation...more like an accenture model.
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                        Lighthouse24 Ranger

                        I'm only familiar with the Accenture model in a Knowledge Management context -- I didn't really know what you meant above. As for possible ideas:

                        Atlanta has one of the largest PMI (Project Management Institute) local chapters in the country -- about 3,700 members, and about three-fourths are listed as IT or telecommunications project managers. That's a lot of people who often have the authority to select and add IT staff (not always permanent jobs, but you said you're looking at staff augmentation anyway -- and that's what project staffing is all about).

                        In addition, the chapter has a mentoring program that includes career counseling -- and they have been cited as a model for other chapters to follow in the mentoring arena. They also have a professional growth and career development committee. So it seems like that chapter would be very fertile ground for you to make some worthy and highly valued contributions, and to build some key relationships. You don't have to be a certified Project Management Professional to join, but you do have to join PMI (dues are about $120 a year, plus whatever the local chapter dues are). That's one idea to work with maybe . . . hope it helps.
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                            Rob Marketing Newbie
                            I have a great friend that works for a staffing company. She told me about a marketing campaign that all
                            employees are required to do once per week.
                            It is a simple, "grass-roots" idea that is extremely effective for any
                            business that sells products or services B2B.

                            Her and a partner are required to do a "Blitz". Once per week they go to NEW businesses and
                            ask for an HR person. Most often than
                            not, they are told that HR is busy. So they
                            girls leave a little bag of candy with a bow on it and their business cards
                            attached. Another one of their
                            co-workers takes a small piggy bank (He gets them from the $.99 store) and
                            attaches his business card and writes a slogan on the side about saving time
                            and money with his staffing service.

                            The teams of people are required to get a business card,
                            even if it is from a receptionist, and the name of the person they should talk
                            to that is in charge of staffing.

                            My friend says that they have to at least bring back 20
                            cards once per week and that usually ends up to be 1 new client after the follow
                            ups, etc.

                            I thought that was an extremely creative way to get some new
                            leads and clients. When you do follow up
                            you will be remembered by your creative little gift and that will help you
                            stand out!
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                        SalesFuel Newbie

                        I can help you. We work with many staffing companies to help them identify new clients. We give you the leads and the lead management system. You make the calls, mailings, etc.

                        Feel free to contact me directly at or visit our web site at
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                          TGA000 Wayfarer
                          Great choice of markets.

                          You're going to love this one... I used to build staffing companies.

                          Here's what you're going to do: The Press. Oh yea. Talk about some of the most powerful stuff on the planet!

                          Then, if you combine that with some search engine optimization and a touch of Social media optimization...

                          The only reason I'm saying all this is because it's how I market my business.

                          When you get good at it, you can send 1 or 2 emails and pick up somtimes 50 newspaper headlines.

                          Here, this is a copy/paste form another post where somebody was asking the same sort of question. (I'd type it again but my hands are starting to hurt!)


                          With what you're doing I would strongly push you to look into what is called Social Media Optimization. SMO

                          SEO is the search engine optimization and that's also going to play a part in getting you traffic.

                          You see, it's not just about "posting" your stuff somewhere and hoping people see it. That's how the offline world works, and that's why regular advertising sucks so much.

                          If you're hurting for cash I'd say to go with

                          Not only does this site get over 2x as many page views as Google every month, they also have a very cool Pay-Per-Click program that is dirt cheap.

                          You target your customers, not based on the keywords they're looking for, but on what they have indicated they're interested in. So when they log into their profile your ad will be right there.

                          This is much cheaper than adwords, and from what I can tell it is highly effective.

                          Non-Web would be media. Get some free press.

                          That's a massive topic by itself, but here's what you need to do in a nutshell...

                          #1: Write a press release that focuses on human interest. (How your handbag saved a dying child or something)

                          #2: Come up with a "Media pitch" that is
                          • short
                          • funny
                          • has zero sales
                          • focuses on how your info can benefit the readers/viewers/listners

                          #3: Call newspapers and radio stations and ask for the editor who works in the fashion section or whatever section will correspond to what you sell.

                          #4: When you talk to them, ID yourself, ID where you're from, Tell them why you're calling (ie Pitch) and ask if you can send your press release to them.

                          #5: FOLLOW UP!!!! This is the most vital part about the process. Call them back. Remember, they're busy.

                          This may sound a bit complex, but I'm telling you it works. I use this exact method and it's landed me in over 50 papers and on some massive radio shows.

                          Huge, huge, huge web traffic and insane sales! You will not be sorry you went this road.

                          And the best part is... you'll never have to pay for it!

                          Good luck!
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                            findingnemo Wayfarer
                            You may want to take a look at what we are doing. We are a newly established high-tech focused company. We bring employers to recruiters. In a nutshell we bring jobs to recruiters so you can do what you do best, fill them with the best candidates. Let us know if you need more information or just want to talk.

                            You are welcome to visit us at

                            Best regards,

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                              SalesFuel Newbie

                              One of the best ways to identify companies that NEED staffing services is to find trigger events. Trigger events are staffing leads or sales triggers and examples include companies relocating, companies expanding, new hires, management changes, new product launches, companies that raise money. You can learn more about staffing leads or trigger events by viewing our Sales Intelligence Portal at

                              I hope this helps.