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    A question on generating leads for Business Cash Advance

    torresint Newbie
      I am new at this and was seeking advise
      I just started with a company which does Business Cash Advance on future credit card sales of a company
      My question is how can I generate leads via the internet or where can I search??
      Can anyone help with this question?
      Thank you for your time
        • Re: A question on generating leads for Business Cash Advance
          phanio Pioneer
          That is the million dollar question. This is a highly competitive industry and lots of companies asking the same question. Here is my answer. With all businesses your marketing comes down to knowing your customers - who they are and where they get information. If your customers are retailers - then where do these retailers get their information so that you can get in front of them? Are they located on the west coast or the east coast - both have differences in the way the seek out and process information. Start by better understanding who it is you are targeting - then find out how to get in front of them (where they get their information).

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