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    Starting a new Business

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      I am starting a new business. I want to know about what are the terms and conditions required for starting a business. And other requirements for business.

      Please help me.........
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          Starting a new Business

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            I'm not exactly sure I know what you mean by "terms and conditions". If you mean what are the licenses, permits, certifications, etc.... it will vary based upon the industry you're in, your business model, and your location of operation.


            If you have a specific business in mind, you can go to a site like and sing up for their "Business Licenses" package. They will produce a report that includes the documents you must fill out to apply for the appropriate licenses and where to send the applications.


            If you are trying to determine the steps for starting a small business, you can go to my site, Small Biz Break, click on the Register tab, and then enter your name and email address for access to our Solutions Center. Inside the Solutions Center you will find a form (amongst a number of others) you can access titled, "Start-Up Checklist". This will take you through the steps for starting your small business.


            The address to the site is below in my signature.


            I hope this helps.


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