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    How to promote your site quickly

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      This is a quick response to the often asked (directly or indirectly) question "How to promote your site." In order to promote your site quickly, you need to understand a bit about marketing and a bit about organisation:


      Marketing can be a complex a subject as you want to make it (and you should attempt to get your head around all the models), but it boils down to:


      Segmentation - define who your target is. You get better results by targeting customers who are likely to be interested in your product than simply targeting everybody (a scattergun approach).


      Targeting - decide how you will approach your target customers. This is a tactical list and, in internet marketing, will be a list of all your channels such as web site, blogs, forums, article marketing etc.


      Positioning - know how you will differentiate yourself in the mind of the consumer, relative to competitors. This means sitting down and developing a strategy early on.


      As said, targeting is where you layout what you will do on a practical and tactical level. The best approach is to use multiple channels but not so many that they become unmanageable:


      So you will have:


      A website (SE optimized; a minimum number of jumps between arrival and purchase; all of those other factors that make the website great and make people want to come back etc).


      A blog, which has the benefit of allowing you to add new content but which will not change the rank of your main site.


      A Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter account, as these are the most popular social sites at the time of writing.


      A Press Release account, which has the benefit of distribution through Google Alerts.


      Forum account. Where you develop a "brand" as a writer and contributor.


      Article Writing. Submitting articles at regular intervals will get your message listed on related (and non-related) sites. The more articles you write and the more perspectives you tackle, the more "expert" you become in your field. This is where your uniqueness will begin to shine and it is therefore important that your chosen field is something you are interested in.


      There are other ways to target your consumer, and you must experiment with them as part of your strategy analysis and optimization tests.


      You can see from the above that there is a lot to do. You must therefore organise and systematically approach the task - which is why a clear strategy in the beginning helps. You need to get a handle on time management.


      What is most often overlooked is the importance consistency. The above required a sustained approach over a period. You are building a "brand," which incorporates all the factors of credibility (trustworthiness etc). You will incorporate a mailing list on your site.


      Business is about growth, and so the above must incorporate scaleability.


      As is obvious, there is a HUGE amount left out. I have listed some valuable resources below:


      Press Release:
      Guerrilla MBA:
      Online MBA:
      Harvard MBA:
      London Business School MBA:
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          Rugged Newbie
          This is great and very helpful information, but I have some questions for you.
          1. I already created a facebook and twitter accounts, but don't know what to write to get peple to fallow.
          How do I start? What should I write first?
          2. For the press release you listed some sites. Are any of these good for the Food Industry? Or should
          I go to different site, witch ones should I go to?

          Lorna - Rugged Ice Cakes
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              trm211 Newbie

              1. What you write won't necessarily get you more followers in large quantities. You need to follow others first, and then they will follow you back. However, don't just go randomly following everyone, make it targeted. The responsiveness of your list matters more than the quantity. You want followers that love what you are saying.

              2. For most PR sites, especially the higher quality ones, you can target the PR to industries. So you could choose to target food-related sources. That being said, the links you get back to your site are at least as important as the PR itself. So you really just want a PR site that distributes to high-quality sites.
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                  marketingseo Newbie
                  It is a known fact that people nowadays prefer to view information from a screen, may it be from a TV, PC or cell phones rather than read in newspaper ads, magazines and other print media. In a fast-paced lifestyle like today, who would want to waste their precious time reading text when at the touch of a button one could get information?

                  I'm doing a video marketing report. I need to accomplish this as soon as I can. It has something to do with our thesis. I'm looking now for reliable resources.

                  I already found some details at

                  Somehow, I do still need more reliable information to make it this report. Hope you can help me. Thanks in advance :)
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                charly0521 Adventurer
                Dear Sir/ Madame
                You can use Search Engine Optimization and sites like bux ,this website bring traffic and customers to you website.also the design is important depending of what you offer .
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                  trm211 Newbie
                  Very good info. The two things I would add (unless I just overlooked them in your post) are video marketing and adding an opt-in box to a website to capture the information of your visitors. This allows you to market to them (potentially) forever.