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    What's Your ‘Last Straw’ Story?

    Barky Dog Tracker

      Did you guys read about what flight attendant Steven Slater did? You can't make this stuff up!


      "Law enforcement officials said that after the passenger cursed at Mr. Slater, he grabbed the intercom, cursed her out, bid passengers goodbye, grabbed a beer and activated the inflatable exit chute."


      I started my own business after years of being frustrated by incompetent managers in positions of authority above me. I could tell that the last company I worked was in serious trouble. The incompetence and mismanagement started at the top and worked its way down.

      I flew with the Senior VP of Marketing to a very large trade show. The SVP was supposed to give a presentation to the entire audience of attendees. Only problem was- he went out bar-hopping the night before and did not show up for his presentation. As the only person there representing our company, I was forced to give his presentation. I basically had to "wing it" for 27 PowerPoint slides and 45 minutes. That was the last straw for me.

      For the next three months I worked nights and weekends on my new online marketing business. I gave my two weeks' notice, left and have never looked back. Oh, and my former company folded about eight months later.


      So, I've told my story. Care to share yours? What was the "last straw" that caused you to pull the emergency chute (like our flight attendant friend) and slide your way to freedom from a horrible job? Please share. This should be an interesting thread. - Barky
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          Vince Adventurer
          OK. I'll bite.

          In high school I worked as a stock boy at a local hardware store. During heavy rains, the roof would leak, and one of my jobs was to shimmy up a 15-foot ladder, poke my head through the drop-ceiling tiles and empty several hanging buckets that had been strategically suspended to catch the dripping, pitch-colored rainwater after it had filtered through our shabby roof tiles.

          After a particularly stormy day, I shimmied up, only to fumble one bucket, sending dank, dark liquid cascading over my head and body. I shimmied down and went home, soaked and discouraged, never to return to the hardware business.
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            twallssr Wayfarer
            I havent reached this point in my career yet, but this is a great post!!!
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                JR_Junior Newbie

                I recently resigned from what was the highest paying job I ever had. This was a sales and business development position in which I was regularly exceeding my sales quota and working 50-60 hours a week.

                I did everything right-asked questions, consulted with my more seasoned colleagues, worked without breaks/lunches to get more work done, went out of my way to learn everything I could in order to do my job better. I tolerated a totally schizophrenic boss who alternately berated and praised me. I never knew what to expect from him, and he provided me with little if any constructive feedback on what exactly it was that he objected to. I asked and was told he was "through with me". So I walked in on the Tuesday after Memorial Day, handed the keys to my company car and my cell phone in, and cleaned out my desk.

                And I went out and started my own business. No amount of money or security is worth compromising your dignity or sanity. And if you can't understand why Mr. Slater did what he did, you've never worked in a service industry job.