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    Small Engine that could ... but Newbie
      Hello all.

      I suppose my question is not new. Perhaps the situation may be.

      I own a highly specialized IT consulting firm that is one technology focused shop. The software is used in risk analysis, statistical calculations and is in 98% of the fortune 1000 companies.

      The question or rather request for insight is, how does a small practice like mine, can get in front of the sr. executives who are the decision makers? To add to the problem, almost majority of big corporation use HRM to control vendors (third part HR services). It is very difficult to become an approved vendor. We have often stated that we do not want any special consideration, just an opportunity to compete on merit. Letters, brochures, personal reputation (of good performance) just take you just so far. What am I missing?

      Any insight, suggestion, tidbit is most welcome.