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    What is your problem?

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      Now that I have your attention. CEC Realinterface works to build partnerships with clients to help their business. We have been placing highly qualified professionals for the past 15 years throughout the United States. We can provide high quality contract, contract to hire and full time employees. Additionally we specialize in highly functional solutions for unique business problems, such as system automoation, system integration and software development.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          What is your problem?? Tell us more. Were are you (personally) located??
          What is your title?? Our problem?? We are looking for an Executive Director.
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              Falconator Newbie
              Thank you for your response. We are based in the DC Metro area however we have clients nationwide. We can certainly help you find your Executive Director if you would like to utilize our services. My title is Business Development Manager for CEC Realinterface. I am still building our profile on this site

              My contact information is 301-325-1705

              I am including more information about our company below:




              CEC Realinterface works to build partnerships with clients to


              gain an understanding of their business and their


              employment requirements. This is done in order to offer the


              best national recruiting and placement assistance to


              candidates and organizations. A solid, well researched,


              understanding of our client's business problem is paramount


              to developing the right technology solution. We want to


              know what IS Your Problem.


              We are proud of our extensive experience in a variety of


              industries and technologies. CEC Realinterface offers


              recruiting and placement assistance with a concentration in


              the following industries:

              • Investment Banking
              • Information Technology
              • Energy
              • Commodities and Trading
              • And more!
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              CorpCons08 Ranger
              I didn't know whether to feel threatened or curious about your thread title haha.
              Great introduction to your services and best wishes to you for future success.

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                intechspecial Ranger
                Yes I have a problem.

                My problem is that I would like to get a better understanding of partnering opportunities with your company.

                I am just not sure how.

                Can you solve this problem, dilema, pressing stressor, and business issue of mine?

                If so please go to: