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    Mobile Web Sites

    wordperfect Scout
      Some time back I was thinking about mobile websites having seen first hand how difficult it was to read and navigate my own on a few cell phones here.
      I read a few on line articles that all urged me to make my site"mobile friendly" claiming there were thousands of mobile users who were just itching to buy from me.
      Well OK, I don't actually "SELL" and I guess they all had an axe to grind as they were offering their services to perform this modern miracle for me., However most of the articles were several years old. So if there were thousands then, there must be one or two more now.
      Interestingly, despite the alleged huge money and business I am missing out on, when I checked several other sites, quite well known, I found they suffered the from the same problem as I. Namely the site was too big for the screen size and navigation was a pain.

      So I guess my question is, before you all start to sell me your services! how many members have actually upgraded their sites to be "Mobile Friendly" and what, if any increased traffic have you noticed.
      Second question, how can you ID if a visitor is using a mobile browser or not?
      Does Google currently provide this in their analytics?

      Mine NEVER show mobile, 98.8% use WINDOWS and probably 99% if those use IE
      I don't seem to be able to find this inof in the "Internet Provider" drop down either.
      Am I missing something, or am I just not getting mobile visitors
      Can anyone with higher traffic comment on this?
      Do your ANAYLTICS show if it is a fixed connection or Mobile?
      Does anyone know if GOOGLE are planning to add a differentiation for this, seeing as it is supposedly such a "hot " market?
      Might be nice as they seem to have cut out the "Key words" now!
      Still not sure if that is a deliberate policy or a result of the Google move out of China.
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          dale Wayfarer

          Wow thats about 20 questions and a year and a half with no answers? They're some good questions... can you answer some for the rest of us yet? There are 3400 views so a lot of interest with no answers?

          Well I have recently optimized my site for mobile and those are good questions and the numbers you mentioned have grown to millions! I understand that mobile sites can be submitted to google seperatly but not yet sure if my mobile optimized needs submitted seperatly. My current cpanel nor google analytics does not track mobile access seperatly, but I do get more visitors every day since optimizing and that with no advertising.

          My site is also too big for mobile but the optimization removes advs and shows only articles, so its good.

          You can see what i mean if you go there on your smartphone. If the site doesn't immediatly adjust, there is an on screen button, bottom right.


          dale is webmaster at:

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            vnavguys Tracker

            I have two large yahoo stores that everyone wants me to convert to mobile friendly.  I have taken the approach of taking a step back and not being in such a hurry.  Here is why, I would ask yourself, is your target demographic mobile dependent?  Here is what i mean.  I target products for men.  My age group is not social, they do not facebook or tweet or really even respond much to email marketing.  So spending the moeny to target or make my sites more appealing for a small segment does not make sense for me today..  However it might next year or the year after since things change so much.  For the cost (and for some reason its expensive) it does not make sense for me.  I would do better publishing a catalog.  Its primal, men want something to hold that is tangible and somewhat old school.  If they were "techies and geeks" that would be different.  But that is how I look at it for now.

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                Moderator Jim Ranger

                I end up doing a lot of texts per month too, but it's not a constant thing. Someone texts me and I send back an "ok" or if someone's at the store and asks me what we need I'll write out a shopping list. After a while, if you're particularly active, everyday use can get you in the hundreds range over the course of a month. It's not that surprising and only going to get worse now that phones (like my Windows 7 phone) can track a conversation from e-mail to facebook to ims to text without missing a beat depending on where I am and who I'm talking to at the minute. I'm sure with the technology, sometimes you won't even be aware that you're texting when you're just talking to friends "in chat."



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                bigcloudmedia Adventurer

                Hi wordperfect.


                The clients that I have setup with mobile friendly sites (i.e. sites that will automatically change in layout / format to create a specific experience on the mobile device) have seen an increase in visitors but they also tout their new mobile sites to everyone, every chance they get, effectively driving traffic there.  I think that making your site mobile friendly would not hurt business and it just increases the ways your website can be used by the masses.  Will having a mobile website create this super crazy jump in visitors, probably not but it could lead to it very easily.  It's all about convenience now and honestly, with the continuing trend of people doing more browsing, etc. from their phones, offering that convenience of a mobile friendly website, when your competitors don't (or don't do it well), could lead to more visitors and ultimately more sales.  A good article on mobile trends, etc. is here


                In answer to your questions: 


                Does Google currently provide this in their analytics?


                Yes. Mine does so hopefully yours does too.  I think this change happened within the last 2 years so at the time of this posting, the mobile web was just starting to gain.  Now it is defiinitely a hot trending topic.


                Do your ANAYLTICS show if it is a fixed connection or Mobile?


                Yes. Most analytics programs recognize visitors from mobile devices and provide information on those visitors accordingly now.  They may not have at the time this was originally posted.

                Does anyone know if GOOGLE are planning to add a differentiation for this, seeing as it is supposedly such a "hot " market?


                In my google analytics, this has already been applied and mobile visitors can be specifically targeted and analyzed.


                I hope that I my answers helped. 


                Be blessed.

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                    Craig Parker Tracker

                    Mine might not be the best approach, but I went to a % based width on everything instread of fixed, with some specific mobile/regular things (mostly font sizes) spelled out in the css.  If anyone wants to have a look, it's here:


                    I'm no expert, but it seems to be working.  The mobile vs regular code starts at line 78.  It wasn't that difficult, but I can see that a full width header image might cause an issue.  I don't post a lot of images on that site, but I imagine there might be some trouble there too.  I'm not sure as it's all a new method for me. 


                    What really ought to happen is some new platform to come out that will screw us up a bit further...