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    Pre employment cack ground checks

    SandyPI Wayfarer
      Every professional knows the importance of conducting pre employment background checks, what many do not realize is how important it is to out source this valuable service to a PROFESSIONAL. There are dozens of online background checking companies that will conduct a background check for anyone with a credit card....if effect you are paying them to do something that you could do yourself. These companies may not comply with Federal and State laws such as FCRA and HIPPA and do not take the time to verify the information received or contact former employers or references. Gold Shield Legal Investigations, Inc. is a licensed private investigation agency owned and operated by a licensed private investigator. We only use databases that supply information to professionals. This is very important to our clients. Please visit our web site at for a list of the services that are available to you. We welcome the oppertunity to discuss our services in person as well by contacting 386-295-6558.

      Sandy Glover
      President Gold Shield Legal Investigations, Inc.