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    JCohen Wayfarer
      Hi All,

      I need $40,000 to start a gym equipment wholesalers. Should I go for a loan or seek an investor? Any advice or leads on where to get good business finance or where to find business angels would be much appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,

      Joss Cohen
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          FinanceOne Wayfarer
          Hi Joss,

          Before you look for investors or start applying for loans you will need a detailed business plan. Without a solid plan, it is unlikely that you will get the funding you need. There is a member on here named Luckiest. He can certainly point you in the right direction for that.

          With that being said, please provide more information about what your business is all about. What do you need the money for? How much of your own capital do you have to invest? The business finance world can be tough to navigate and unfriendly at times. You need to be very prepared in advance before seeking capital.
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              JCohen Wayfarer
              Thanks FinanceOne. I have a very detailed Business Plan explaining what the finance is required for, where I want the business to go and how I will get it there.

              I am more than happy to provide it to anybody that is interested. Thanks again.