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    Need direct mail success story for magazine article

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      I write a regular feature for Deliver, a USPS magazine for marketers, called "Faces in the Crowd." It showcases 4 unusual, quirky, or remarkably successful direct mail campaigns from small- and medium-sized businesses. At least 1 of these 4 very short (75 words) mini case studies needs to come from an ethnically diverse source. This feature includes a head shot of the source, and because we want our sources to be as diverse as our readers, I'm looking for non-Caucasian sources. They can be African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic, or any other ethnicity that helps give this feature some visual diversity.

      At the same time, though, we need something really good to profile -- it can't be an "average" direct mail campaign. (And it has to incorporate USPS delivery because the USPS publishes the magazine.) Maybe you scrubbed the mailing list, used a different type of creative, incorporated personalization, or switched from a letter to a postcard or vice versa. (These are just examples, not requirements.)

      Please feel free to share this query with colleagues outside this community, too. If you think you've got a good example, please contact me at I appreciate the help.
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          Seeing how the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 75% of the population is Caucasian (U.S. Census 2000), shouldn't 3 of your 4 stories feature Caucasians so that the stories are as diverse as your customer base?

          Better yet, take a leading role and just print good stories. To heck with race - what a concept!

          I guess we can figure out why the Postal service continues to lose money and market share to private delivery services.