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    how can i start my business

    allenbae Wayfarer
      I 've been a purchasing manager in an international trade company for
      years and have abundant products resource in hand. There are millions of
      factories for consumer goods of good quality and most competitive
      prices. I'm confident to find better purchasing price than most ppl can
      find on alibaba or other online marketplace established in

      It's time for me to start my own international business and my site came out finally.

      Due to the technology limit, it will still take some time to complete
      the whole necessory functions on site and to upload all of the products
      i have sourced. Before that, i think i have to start find some
      business partners overseas for retail, wholesale, or drop ship, who will
      also help me with marketing research and tell me what kind of products
      are demanded in US, CA, and UK.

      That's why i google small business and find this forum.

      I found all of my threads were deleted yesterday. Maybe that's because i was misunderstood by someone or for anything else. I just want to say i'm here sincere and need help.
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          NUMBERS2DSIGN Newbie
          Who do you host your site with? What type of product list do you have to upload?
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            williammic Newbie
            I need help etablishing business credit and services.

            I was doing some research and found a company called International Card
            Service who offers premier merchant services yet as a small business
            owner how am I suppose to know the best company to work with? Is it
            standard to receive a Credit Card Machine
            at no cost or do I need to pay? Do I need established business credit
            or do I use my personal credit? Also, does having a merchant account
            help establish business credit.

            Looking for research help.


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                FinanceOne Wayfarer
                Williammic, the devil is in the details with merchant services. It's a big complicated world out there when it comes to rates, fees, contracts, equipment, etc.

                Depending on what type of business you have will determine who is the best service provider. High risk merchants will have a harder time getting a good processor than a low risk merchant. Most merchant services companies will have a "free terminal" option. However, we all know nothing is free these days. The free terminal programs typically have higher rates and fees than if you just did a lease purchase on a terminal. You may end up paying more in the end by going the free terminal route. You can buy a used terminal on ebay or craigslist but this isn't always the best way to go.

                I do know 2 companies you may want to check out. Integrity Payment Systems and PayProTec are 2 solid companies in the merchant services industry. PayProTec has some of the most flexible contracts and lowest fees that I have seen. It's a big world though. I recommend shopping around quite a bit. There is no one size fits all solution.
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                Bizfinanceco Newbie
                You can goto they do everything for startup companies