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    Solar Energy Management product Investment

    Gratiot Newbie

      I have been approached by a friend that has developed an opportunity to produce a product that will dramatically impact the solar energy production market. He is looking for an initial investment of about $600,000 to $1 Million over the next two years to get the product into production and out to market. The market for the product this device will replace is a multi-billion dollar market and will grow even larger as the demand for solar power increases. A bill of materials has been developed and some of the basic engineering has been done. He has made arrangements for programming and circuit board manufacturing at a production facility in China. He has also contacted all the major distributors of the products this will eventually replace and has had great response from them. Another company has a similar product, but is not able to produce their product in quantities to fill the demand.

      I am not in a position to take advantage of this opportunity but would like to be involved. I am looking for advice on to how to move this product forward and still be involved in the operation. I am really not a sales type person but more on the tech side of things. Any ideas out there how I can help move this forward???