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    Homebased Bakery

    SugarBaby1 Newbie
      I live in Michigan. I currently own a small business that specializes in wedding cakes and delicious desserts. I don't have a commercial kitchen and do all of my baking from home. I don't know where to go from here to expand my business, I have a great clientele, and wonderful ideas. Is there a particular license I must have? I am currently in school to be a pastry chef and have 4 classes left. What else is needed to make my business legit?
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          Don't you need a license or at least a visit from the health inspector in order to cook from your home?
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              SugarBaby1 Newbie
              I just found this information after searching on line :)
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                  Hey Sugarbaby1,

                  You may want to start thinking about a commercial kitchen.
                  Not sure about your area, but in some cities there are some large commercial kitchens that can be rented on a short-term, as-needed basis, such as hourly or daily.
                  Another possibility is to see if there are any restaurants in your area willing to rent out a small part of their kitchen space to you.
                  This could be a win-win situation where you offer the restaurant your goods in exchange for the space.

                  I used to be in the catering business, so i was in a similar situation
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Homebased Bakery, Welcome

                To make your business legit, you need a business name and a Federal I D Number.

                Do you know about SCORE. SCORE is FREE and can also help you
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                  Rest.Lee Wayfarer



                  Do you have a business plan?? Are you trying to do a brick and mortar or continue in your home??


                  Have you talked to other home-base or storefront bakeries to get advice??



                  If you want to expand and need a commercial kitchen you can check your local area for kitchen incubators that rent out space by the hour or by the day (most are not extremely expensive).


                  Hope this helps and good luck,


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                    internetimm99 Newbie
                    Homebased Bakery is a new type of business. It helps for who are not do business outside home they will work at home..........
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                      Nancy08 Wayfarer
                      The Michigan Cottage Food law, formerly HB5837, permits Michigan residents to make and
                      package "nonpotentially hazardous foods that do not require
                      time/temperature control for safety" without licensing and inspection
                      from the Michigan Department of Agriculture, according to its website.
                      The baked goods, jams, jellies, popcorn, candy, cereal, granola, dry
                      mixes, vinegar and dried herbs, must be created in a kitchen and stored
                      in the residence, which includes a basement or attached garage of the
                      home where food was made.

                      The law passed on July 19, 2010. I would recommend you contact your local Small Business Administration Office for help with structuring your business and you might want to join This is a sight for home bakers and food processors nationwide who want to develop their businesses further. It's a membership but well worth the investment and saves you time running around trying to locate information. Visit, you also get to work with the consultants on staff at no extra cost. I did this last year and I am so much wiser for it.

                      Hope this helps.

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                        Wholesalers Wayfarer
                        Why don't you contact some cheff at the bakery or some resturant and ask him for an advice because if you are going toi be commercial than you not only need the commercial kitchen but you also need the new tools and bakery equipments
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                          I know that you have had some good answers and I would like to add to that.


                          Baking is not considered "hazardous foods' and you can bake for selling purposes at your home- this is true.., as long as you do not use any animal products on your creations- such as cheese and milk products.


                          Also, be aware that if you decide to stay small and work from your home, because you don't find attractive moving into a commercial kitchen-that will work against your dream to expand.

                          Many large and well-known food stores, bakeries and super-markets, will not buy from someone who has a business in their home.


                          Why? Because these businesses are exempt from checks from the health department, and could pose a risk to their customers, if products are mishandled at home.

                          If this happens, well-established businesses are at risk of being sued. No one wants that.


                          So, the best solution for well-established businesses is to keep home-based businesses out of their territory.

                          I worked for years in this industry- conducting food inspections- and I would not place at risk my business by buying from someone who does is not regulated by the county.


                          Nothing personal against you.


                          I have seen too much and understand the complexity of the problem,.


                          Therefore, I strongly recommend to you that you find a commercial kitchen. This move will help you expand your business, as large chains will be open to representing your product confidently.


                          Good Luck!



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                            wow thats a wonderful idea. you might have learned alot from this forum and i guess your business would have been running like success now.