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    Organic products from Germany

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      Hello. My name is Hubert Ruether. I have just started a business in New Jersey. My company is successfull on the European Market in producing and selling 100% organic feed additives for all species and also with a product that neutralizes bad smell. It is 100% save to use on any animals and very good in barns as it immediately neutralizes ammonium.

      I am currently looking for distribution channels. Good contacts to the feed industry and/or veterinarian community and also to hospitals is required. The product range is not limited for organic production only as the topic of producing safe feed and safe enviroment for humans and animals is one of the most important issues.

      I look forward to your interesting inputs. I will be back in the USA by April 13th to April 20th. If something interesting should come up earlier I will be there.

      You can either correspond via this forum or e-mail me My phone number is 01149 4704 929577 in Germany.

      Thank you.