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    Starting a blog to help brand?

    DrivewayImprs Newbie

      So I just finished reading a book called groundswell. we have decided to begin a blog for our company. However we are going to try to discuss all aspects of the industry and not just our product. We will also allow people to post comments and questions. We are a stamped asphalt driveway company, Driveway Impressions. Because of the nature of this industry there are not a lot of people following us on facebook, twitter, etc. Do you recommended blogging? This is also to help attract individuals interested in our franchise opportunities.
        • Re: Starting a blog to help brand?
          A blog is a great idea! - i always recommend it.
          Not just for branding, but more for becoming an authority in your industry.
          And it's great for SEO

          But beware. Set up and utilize the blog incorrectly, and your efforts will be fruitless.... or at least make you work much, much harder to receive the desired results.

          Some notable tips.
          • Don't use a third party blog, such as blogger, blogspot, etc
          • You will have no control over these sites
          • Use Wordpress as you will have full control over it and it's the best blog platform
          • Don't register a new domain for it, install it on your main site
          • Hire a designer to build a template that matches your corporate site

          ... that's a start