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    Shopping Cart Software

    trentton Newbie
      does anybody know any free shopping cart software where i can use to accept credit cards on my website
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          NatOnline Tracker
          Try the shopping cart Paypal, I think it is free when you are using their service, perhaps you can have more information on this link:

          Good luck
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            CorpCons08 Ranger
            Most webhosts provide free shopping cart scripts with their plans.
            Look in your scripts library.

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              Buffalo Adventurer
              We use Zen Cart for our Website. I guess it would depend, in part, on how many items/services you have to sell. If it's just few then PayPal would be great. Zen Cart is well suited if you have a number of items with variables such as color size etc.
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                moogrdotcom Adventurer

                Joomla Cart
                Drupal Commerce

                There are dozens and dozens of "Free" scripts but "Free" isn't always the best answer. You do know that a merchant account will run you 25-40.00/month right?

                How many/what kind/how advanced are your products that you plan on selling? Do you want customers to have a self-service commerce system or are you willing to hand-hold the entire process?
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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger

                  There may be some shopping cart software that is "free," but it will have very limited options for storefront design, merchandising, and inventory (like no more than 100 items, no description editor, no bulk product info uploads, only one photo of each item, no ability to process coupons or discounts, etc.). I'm not aware of any free packages that include a compatible payment gateway (like VeriSign), CISP certification, and an SSL certificate and SiteSafe seal so customers trust the check-out process. Most eCommerce solution providers and web hosting firms offer complete packages where everything is included in an integrated, scalable offering that's affordable -- but not free.
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                    MoltenJavaDev Newbie
                    I would do a google search for a shopping cart that uses your server technology and see what comes up. There are some "not free" but inexpensive carts that you may like...Many of the reusable carts will work great. has a decent cart service with their web hosting :)
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                      amspcs Ranger
                      I don't recommend the 'free' route. I find with 'free' you usually get your money's worth if you catch my drift. There are many issues too important with shopping carts to justify cutting corners, such as compatability with gateways, security and so on. As many have said, GoDaddy is a pretty good alternative, not free but reasonable; I'm in the processing business but have many merchants who use and are very happy with GoDaddy. Otherwise, just stick with the simple built-in cart from Paypal.

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                        Risktk666 Newbie
                        Try they are pretty good when it comes to accepting paymenst. The layout is very basic but they offer alot of help to small online businesses.
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                          PulsarSoft Newbie
                          We prefer ZenCart, XT Commerce and OsCommerce engines.
                          They are open source. You can easly set up any of them to your webhosting by yourself.

                          We can assist you with it. Also if you need not standart customization - we can do this job.


                          BG, Alexey
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                              Rob Marketing Newbie
                              We too use Zen Cart. I saw a post saying that if you
                              use FREE you will get what you pay for. I think that is true if you are
                              not familiar with how it works and do not understand that it is a
                              platform. Sure it will work out of the
                              box, but in order to successfully implement a useful product for your company,
                              you need to have an understanding.

                              I, like many other posts here am able to help with eCommerce
                              development and marketing!

                              Rob Milburn
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                              volusion Newbie
                              Free=More work in the end.

                              There is no such thing as a free lunch.

                              You should also consider that hosting credit card data should not be taken lightly. If your server is hacked and credit card information is stolen, credit card companies can fine you and ban you from accepting credit cards. They have set up something called PCI Standards, which you might want to read up on.

                              Overall, it depends on how serious you want to take your online business. Setting up a free cart with PayPal is not a bad route if you are a light seller, but free carts can be a liability if you want to open a serious business online.

                              Michelle Greer
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                                Joseph V Newbie
                                Hello Trentton


                                I would advise on not using free shoppiing cart software. However there are a few inexpensive good starter carts out there:

                                Vevo Cart
                                PD shop.NET
                                AspDotNetStoreFront (Expensive but amazing Not starter cart)

                                I personally do not trust PHP so I wouldn't recommend it.


                                Joseph Voldeck
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                                    xenopod Adventurer
                                    What do you base a distrust of PHP on?
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                                        Joseph V Newbie
                                        Hello Xenpod,


                                        No real specific reason except that I have had more configuration troubles with it in the past than any other language that I have used and it is a "dirty" code. Actually I think Joomla! is an excellent app. however it is very tempermental too.


                                        So going by my experience with PHP I wouldn't recommend a starter cart as a PHP application unless you want to fix DB errors all day long.


                                        Thanks for the reply
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                                            xenopod Adventurer
                                            What do you mean by a "dirty" code?

                                            I suppose for some starter carts an ASP cart could be easier to run with however you also have the added costs of having to have to run a linux server with chilisoft or having a cla for a windows server.

                                            Since shopping carts deal with consumer information it is often better to be safe and ensure security by having a professional setup a solution for you. However if you are careful and read the manuals for whatever software you choose you can get through it.

                                            One of the big advantages with using PHP based systems though is that most projects have large support communities so if you run into problems you can join their message board or one of their chatrooms and someone will generally be glad to help you with any problems you have or point you in the right direction for your answers.
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                                        websolutions Tracker
                                        osCommerce is what I recommend!

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                                          LUCKIEST Guide
                                          This site that just turned 100.
                                          Congratulations, Bank of America small business online.
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                                            Steven.C Newbie
                                            For a free shopping cart solution you would most likely be happiest with osCommerce ( ). We have many users hosted on our servers utilizing the open source osCommerce shopping chat. It offers a ton of options and can be used with many merchant account solutions - even your free paypal account.

                                            It is very affordable to get started since the shopping cart and paypal are both free. A domain, web hosting, SSL certificate ( security ) and maybe an OScommerce template for design are all you really need to get started. Then time populating your inventory and marketing your new store.

                                            If you are looking for a more powerful solution, I also recommend X-Cart ( ) which is a great shopping cart system - not free though

                                            I think one may of mistakenly indicated that you would be stuck with your web host if you use a free shopping cart solution provided by them. Many web hosts offer open source solutions that would allow you to backup your database and move elsewhere. Make sure you ask before signing up.

                                            If you would like more information regarding either of the shopping carts, or an installed demo to trial feel free to drop us a line. We have very affordable web hosting solutions available for ecommerce shopping solutions.

                                            Kind Regards,

                                            Steven C.
                                            (800) 460-7196
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                                              dollsbags Adventurer
                                              We use Shop-Script and like it very much. Anyone with some basic html knowledge can modify the templates that the software comes with. They have a few different versions (Standard, Pro, and Prem) and which version you use depends on what you need in your store. A shoe store with multiple product colors and sizes would need the Prem version, for instance. Shop Script's technical support is exceptional, very responsive and second to none IMO. They will help you with everything EXCEPT the html coding (IE, the look and feel of your site) but there are enough templates that the software comes with, to get a custom look and feel to your website without having to be an expert. It also works with all types of payment gateways, such as PaPayl,, etc. Their site is:

                                              The trick about this software and any other dynamicly served content (database lookups) is to get your site into the search engines and that takes time and effort. Most search engines don't crawl dynamic sites well (php, cf, asp). If you host on a Linux server you can effectively use the MOD REWRITE command to map static pages to dynamic ones. This gets very complex but if you don't want to get into all that techie stuff, there are enough description and keyword meta tag fields for every item in your store and every page in shop-script to make some impact on the search engines without having to use Mod Rewrite.

                                              There are a few free e-comm apps out there, but I found shop-script to be very reasonably priced. It is actually open source so you can also use "" to help you customize if you need help or need extra features the software doesn't come with.

                                              Rich Petrelli, VP
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                                                M&M Services Wayfarer
                                                Sure do Give me a call 866 351-1627 Marcus Walker M&M Merchant Card Services Inc. the software we provide is very reliable and the processing cost is a lot less and more secure than Pay-Pal ! We process for B of A. thanks.