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    Customers mistaking your emails as spam?  How to avoid.

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      I'm considering an email campaign to increase web traffic and potential sales. As I build up a list of email recepients, how can I best formulate the email subject and body to avoid not only the spam filters themselves, but also my clientele mistaking the email for spam. This is for my map service, as it pertains to real estate sales-any advice, previous experiences, and knowledge is appreciated.

      Phil S.
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          When doing bulk email marketing you have to use a 3rd party provider who has white listed servers and purchase an opt in email list. If you want to market to your own list that you have built I highly recommend Constant Contact. Since there are laws regulating bulk email, you should always use a service provider because the burden of compliance is on them.

          White listed servers means that an ISP will permit large amounts of email traffic without shutting them down. For example, if you were to perform a large email campaign using your ISP and there was a high bounce rate (undeliverable) your email capabilities will be blocked for a period of time for suspected spam. Using a service provider is not legally considered spamming. The lists that the providers sell have addresses that opted in and the servers will not be blocked. When you purchase a list it is still the property of the service provider. You do not receive a copy of the list. Also, the service provider will make sure your email is compliant with having an opt-out option.

          Done correctly, email marketing can be extremely cost effective if you put together a strong offer and hit the proper target list. Most email marketing providers will help you design your email. The key is a good subject line to get the email opened. Open rates vary widely depending on the execution of the campaign. Some will say a HTML format with graphics works best. We always use plaing text and keep it short and sweet. The cost of an email campaign is very small when compared to print advertising and direct mail.

          Hope this helps!
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            People spam because for different reasons. One of the main ones, is because of lack of commitment towards the company or person emailing them, and another big one is because they do not have that relationship with the person/company who is sending them the emails.

            To have commitment, have your recipients opt in to a squeeze page, that clearly states that they will be receiving X subject info. from you- whether it is text, video, or audio- once they sign in. Once they do, you can link the squeeze page to to Aweber.
            Aweber is the one of the best, if not the best, mail hosting site. With their techniques, they will help you keep a "clean list" and set you up to increase your traffic in an easy and effective way. They have both tutorials, text support, and live support- and they are all awesome!
            Most Internet gurus, use this service, as it helps them manage thousands of emails being sent at the same time, while keeping their lists clean.
            I use it in my business, and plain love it. Plus, it is very inexpensive.

            Secondly, the relationship is a big influencer. If you do not have that strong relationship with your list, the receiver at the other end, can just get annoyed, and blow you off, instead of trying to unsubscribe. Once the receiver feels that "tie" to you, to what you are offering of great value, knows that you care about him or her- they will be less inclined to spam you.
            Hope this helps,