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    How can I get more Exposure for my organization and web site

    mamadaddy12 Newbie
      I have an organization which is non profit, Virginia's House, Incorporated. I created it in honor of my mother, Virginia Askew, who passed on 03/15/00. Our organization have been in existance for two years. We want to provide permanent housing for displaced families or persons who are victims of domestic violence. When a family has to leave their homes in fear, they usually leave with nothing except what is on their backs. Once taken in by the shelter they have three choices, depending on which shelter it is; one they can stay for the night, two they can stay for 30-60 days or three they may find a safe place, which will allow a stay of 6 months. The safe place is not easy to find and they have a waiting list.

      Our passion is to give permanency to the family, when we think of domestic violence, we think of the adult, but we often time forget the child or children that are involved. They must look and most often be apart of the violence that is perpetrated on the adult. Or they are the abused one.

      At Virginia's House we want to provide an atmosphere of stability for the entire family, especially the child each child should have his or her own bedroom. Each family member should have their own key to their own door, knowing that they will be safe in their new environment. Our plan is to rehab or renovate apartment building with no more than six to eight units or single family homes. Each person who signs a rental agreement will be asked to be apart of the our "family". They will agree, along with their children, that they will respect the building, their neighbors and the neighborhood.

      Our long term goal is to hire some of the tenants or homeowners and to then have our own construction company.

      In order to provide much needed funding we have launched a business web site, Entrepreneur and It is designed to allow each company to advertise his or business by displaying their products, ideas, visions they can find new partners, clients, or customers. The business person directs the video, there are rules which is posted on the web site, no profanity, racism, pornography etc. The membership fee is $39.95 for twelve months and ninety percent of all funds will be transferred to Virginia's House, Inc.

      We have been up and running for two weeks, and we are passing out fliers, business cards, emails and word of mouth. How can I get across to business owners that it is to their advantage to advertise through my web site?

      I need all the ideas I can get, please help.