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    How to market printed property maps

    HDMaps Newbie
      Hello all, I'm new here and just getting started with my new business, I sell custom printed maps of real estate, and general areas like towns, or rural areas, acreages, etc. I'm basing the maps on high-resolution satellite images I have purchased the right to redistribute. So far, I've come up with a few services related to the real estate industry, travel, and a few others.

      My main product is a service where I research a customers property border, and then draw it over a satellite image of the property, print it out as a document or poster-sized color image, and then ship it. I've only been open a few weeks, and while I've seen a number of positive responses to the site and products, business has been slow.

      I'm stuck between how best to market this product, if I go for the real estate agent market, I'm somewhat limited in comparison to marketing to any and all property owners and FSBO's. My first attempt was to put all the products up on Ebay for a few dollars more than they are on my site, I had a fairly high number of page views, but again only a few orders. Feedback has been quite positive, so I know that I've got something here, but I'm also stuck between concentrating on face-to-face local connections, or a more broad marketing strategy over the internet. I could also use some honest feedback on my site, if anyone has the time.

      Philip S.

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          Hi Philip,

          I think you've got a really great product there, and the potential for it is huge.
          The difficulty for you is marketing as you pointed out, but more importantly answering the question WHY?
          Why should I buy your product, what's the benefit for me?
          This is going to be your biggest challenge.

          If you can highlight specifically the uses of your product, then it will resonate with potential buyers.
          One of the mistakes you've made with your site is put all your products right on the home page.
          You're forcing people to buy, without highlighting benefits first.

          It's generally best to consult an internet marketing consultant before developing your site to ensure you're getting the best SEO benefit from it while it develops.

          There might be a problem with your cart, as i tried to add a product, and when clicked checkout the next page said i had nothing in my cart, even though i added something.

          Also, there's another issue regarding ssl. From any ssl page, the links that go to other pages should revert back to the non-ssl version of the url.

          hope this helps
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            FinanceOne Wayfarer
            Pretty cool stuff HD. Obviously your biggest niche is in the real estate industry. It may be a good idea to get involved in the Active Rain message board. That is the largest realtor forum on the net. You can advertise online and in their newsletter. It may be a cost effective way to reach an excellent target market. Another thing you should consider is an email campaign. Check out They have an email database of over one million realtors across the country. A well executed email campaign may be a great way to increase traffic and sales.

            Good Luck!
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                HDMaps Newbie
                Thanks for the great advice, both of you! It's been interesting to see peoples' reaction to my site. Some people detest the products being on the homepage, others think it's brilliant.

                @FinanceOne: I was wondering about the proper way to do an email campaign. I'm worried that 95% of the people will just think it's spam and not open it...any suggestions? This question is almost worthy of a new thread.
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                    Putting your buy now products on the home page with little else, is far from brilliant.
                    In fact it's usually a sign of desperation. It's also a sign of a poorly constructed web site.
                    "They won't find our products, let's sell 'em right on the home page"

                    What you're doing is akin to being blind-folded and led into a store and being put in front of a few products, when the blind fold is then taken off.
                    Are you going to instantly buy one of the products right in front of you?
                    Ofcourse not. First of all you're probably a bit dis-oriented, so you'll look around to figure out where you are, then walk around the store to see if anything interests you.