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    Opening a boutique. Where can I get my clothes manufactured?

    marcelat Newbie
      Hello all!

      I have been researching for hours and days now and I still can't seem to find what I am looking for, so hopefully you all can help. :D

      A few months ago, I decided what I wanted to do with my life and that was opening my very own clothing boutique. I already know how difficult this is going to be and how much effort it is going to take on my end to make it work. I'm currently 20, living in Texas, and in school. I am starting school again in August and decided it would be best to go for a year and take classes in accounting and what it takes to be an entrepreneur so that I wouldn't have to be in school for that long and could focus more on my business. I want to sell clothing similar to urban outfitters,,, etc. I already have the perfect name, sketched a bunch of clothing ideas, found a couple of wholesalers, decided on how I want my boutique to look, and have even decided on my location; that being said, I'm a little confused on where I can get my sketches manufactured, how to get custom fabric made, and where to find more legit wholesalers that would sell the type of clothing I'm looking for. If any of you have any advice, knowledge, or anything else that would be of help please let me know!
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          Hi there,

          First of all i am a little confused.
          You say you want to open a boutique which says to me you are going to sell other people's clothing lines.
          But then you say you are doing sketches, which says to me you want to be the designer.
          Are you trying to accomplish both? Because it seems to me that would be pretty tough since a boutique would need hundreds of outfits to fill it up.
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              marcelat Newbie
              Yes, I would like to sell clothes I designed and clothes from others. I really don't see how it would be tough if I'm going to be buying from others as well while designing my own creations. I wouldn't want a massive boutique that would call for 'hundreds of outfits to fill it up', but I would like a decent sized one. Having both mine and others clothes would seem to be more of what I'm looking for rather than me just designing the clothes.

              Thank you for your input!
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              ifthesim Newbie

              OK I have few options for you. As you are in the west I mean as in USA always try to outsource your work to east.... I might sound funny at this point but I can expalin. WEST as in USA UK and CANADA are the biggest market for clothing boutique on the other hand EAST as in China, Bangladesh are 2 of the biggest exportor of clothing boutiqe. To be a Business magnet always try to outsource your ideas and work to the east because it is really really cheap to make stuff in these places and sell it in the west because you always get a huge profit magine. Big companies like NIKE, Armani, D&G, etc all of them have their own factory in Bangladesh. I know all this because I own a garments factory in Bangladesh and I am also planning to start my own Brand in west like you. So in case if you need any help let me know I will be also visiting USA in MAY 2011.